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July 31, 2004


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You're a nice guy Dick Minim. Have you wondered if you're too reasonable and nice? But not to worry. The Tutor will keep you safe.

Can we focus on the issues, people, and not personalities? I was talking about Duns Scotus, and all you do is make uncalled for personal remarks. I have been very patient with you, Harry. But now you are making me mad.

Well said. I, too, have been reading Duns Scotus.

I managed to make a few improvements. I reduced the Decalogue to one easily memorized law. The rest of the philosophical approach to life, understanding existence, God and so forth can be handled by thinking on your feet while keeping this one law foremost in your consciousness.

Dr. Chadwallah has been kind enough to edit it out to six hundred pages from the paper napkin I passed him in the cafeteria. It will be published after his treatment of Corinne Maier's unique appproach to corporate servitude makes our names household words.

Duns Scotus was the philospher from whom the Augustans coined the word, "Dunce." He is the patron saint of all dunces everywhere.

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