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July 31, 2004


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The Art of Invective is not dead! The Tutor, rumored to be a priest, defrocked for telling the truth, bloodies his opponent's nose with his opening jab. The scripted exchanges of the dojo have never been match for the fast moves of the alley, and the Tutor has been defending his Dumpster for years. I am now giving 5 to 1.

Why, as The Tutor administers his art, do I think of Vogon poetry? Poor Fred, I do not think this "black belt" of Karate (no do) would last long against Tutor's mastery of the internal martial arts. Hmmm, speaking of internal martial arts: "Make your opponent feel that when he looks upward, you are much taller and when he looks downward, you are much lower.  When he moves forward, he should feel that he cannot reach you and when he retreats, he should feel that he has nowhere to escape."

Vogon Poetry, since the entry is a WIKI you could link to Fred's poem about the grackle, by way of illustration.

Go on, just poke him in the nose. All you girlie-men would start apologizing right away, especially if any blood trickled out.

Once you've all made up, you could then go slam-dancing at the nearest poetry cafe and see the real world of poetry ... where tomorrow's WWF'ers are born.

Thanks Jon. You strike the right note. We are overcompensating for having read literature.

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