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July 17, 2004


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I am one with no one ...

And yet as they fell us we rise.
More like me, and me the first.

My corporation is the forsaken.
Every head another dollar sign.

My army is forever.
For they always recruit in my name.
A brick or product rejoiced.
Those merry tunes cried out,
earning me more.

My company grows every day.
I am international and famed.

Those that laugh will eventually join
in serving to my name.

So best regard from the basement.
The rats are waiting...

"My corporation is the forsaken....my company grows every day...." Indeed. Thank you.

to be kinky, can we toss hold harmless to the wind? Just tonight, I promise!

Unlimited liability, then? Piercing the corporate veil?

Diminished capacity?

Torture is a proven best practice of Wealth Bondage.

I can imagine that the Bush Administration has by now six-sigma'd their interrogation business process, and are probably in the process of re-vamping the variable compensation scheme to include boni (bonuses ?) for performace against excellence objectives.

Go team go !

What will it take to have torture, much less the torture of suspects, prohibited? What outrages must be committed, become commonplace and come to light, and what penalty will those who drag these practices into the light have to pay to restore this country to its conscience?

This estimable liberal, who is "unelectable" because he's actually an honest to goodness liberal and the "realists" don't like that, thinks we need an effort towards truth and reconciliation. That would be a good start.

Thanks. Senator Minim blogged his rebuttal.

With all due respect to the good senator, I doubt he's understood the disclaimer and I don't think he knows what he's in for when he visits here. Also, he looks like someone stuck a pickle up his patootie.

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