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July 26, 2004


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Absolutely, Brother Blowtorch! It's all there for those with eyes to see. I consult His Code of Compassion on a regular basis. It's a pure a guide as man could ask for.

I can see why the 10 Commandments were considered a breakthrough. Now, with the free market, we could probably get them down to two or three. "Make hay while the sun shines," and "Beggar thy neighbor."

The Free Market® has managed to reduce the Bill of Rights to the only one really important to Blowtorch, so why not? Things that are simple in concept, but require obfuscation in the sales pitch followed by brutal, unthinking enforcement and deceptive practices when perpetrators are called to account are part of the New Way™.

I, for one, welcome crackpot corporate hegemony and anti-human rights initiatives.

Praising Folly, in our capacity as Fools. What more can the world expect of us?

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