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July 25, 2004


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They may think of him that way, Dr. Chadwallah, but every Saturday night the queue stretches for blocks and you can hear the hoarse cries of joy from members of his penitent flock as their needs are met behind his Dumpster.

It would be tactless of me to name names, of course. But you are right. The best kept secret of the rich and famous is their love of Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, and Domestic Discipline. They know they get away with murder, their outrageious behavior, whether at home or abroad, is a bratty plea for help. The more they are beaten, the better they like it. Until their will breaks and they experience the joy of giving. Submission to a will stronger than their own.

This guy, here, he don't skulk ... nowhere, no way

The html for this link didn't work :-(


Any way, he doesn't skulk on anybody's margins.

The link may have been down, but is valid, Jon. Thanks for the compliment. Being a Fetish Action Figure comes with a certain perogatives. Many a truth is best told in jest.

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