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January 09, 2005


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I filled it in at length, from comfort of my 3 1/2 story home (the attic is finished, but you can't stand up straight in half of it) using my $6,000 computer over a T3 connection. I'm sure that's just the perspective they were looking for.

If the repubs can include Wall Street and Evangelicals, we can form some alliances across smaller divisions?

Smaller divisions, yeah. But sometimes the other side of the tracks is the furthest distance imaginable.

Yes. The other side of the tracks where the losers end up. Not me. Not me. My dumpster is uptown.

I would have filled it in ten years ago had there been an opportunity. I think the big unions are too far gone in attempts to imitate their natural enemy to be worth talking to now.

Now that's fresh.

More here.

What struck hardest in those two articles about the service business of unions was the evocation of an earlier age, when when on the picket lines the workers chanted, and in the unions halls hailed on another as brother and sister. Without that, elites negotiating with elites won't change much.

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