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February 02, 2005


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You're quite welcome, Tutor, and thank you for the plug. I've opened the comments section in order to be even more helpful to those cretins who remain bewildered. I never dreamed there would come a time when I could combine generosity with misanthropy. Life is full of opportinities!

Be careful. Consider their age. They have been taken advantage of enough.

I'll send them to look at pretty badgers if I find I'm too close to being cruel. The odds are, however, that none of them will return to follow up on their pleas for bracelets and subsequent seekers won't bother to read what's been posted before. If I'm lucky, I may get a parent I can flame.

Your influence is nil versus peer pressure. All the kids have them at school. I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant one!

The badgers were more frightening than a day full of SMBD. There is a new torture here. What is up with the shrooms and snakes??? Must be some new conservative brainwashing technique. Is the shroom the new apple? And are we all bad-gurls?

The badgers are the perfect cubicle slaves. They are energetic and delight in pointless tasks. Witness the repetitive and futile knee bends they perform. Candidia is, of course the snake and the mushroom represents the only hope they have for freedom. Yet they will never take it. They cannot see it. It eludes them because they know nothing but their tasks, and so they're doomed to persist in their maniacal, mechanical evolutions.

Will no one free the badgers? It would be hard to do as long as the voice keeps up the mind numbing chant, "badger, badger, badger. . . ." We must help the badgers.

Badger your Mom for a Yellow Bracelet kids. Pick one up at Nike in the Mall. Cure Cancer and be cool. Just one buck. Badger, badger, badger.

We all know what happens to kids who nag too much. Why do marketers insist on destroying families?

It is not personal, Harry, just business. The parents choose to have kids; the kids choose to trust adults. It is not the fault of the advertisers who betray that trust. Besides, it is profitable.

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