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March 02, 2005


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What fine memories she shares, and yours as well. One wonders whether Mary-Kate and Ashley will have to say about their NYU days as not-so-starving students. At least they looked poor, the New York Times slobbers. What was it Kenneth Burke said? "[W]hen considering Carlyle, the 'mystery' of social relations can become identified with first and last things. But as attenuated, in the forms of social embarassment, it can perhaps be reduced to this: Where there is wealth and poverty, there is awkwardness in any one of these four situations:
a rich man speaking in praise of wealth
a rich man speaking in praise of poverty
a poor man speaking in praise of wealth
a poor man speaking in praise of poverty

Attenuate this in turn, and you get, as a rhetorical situation, the proposition that in any social inequality there is awkwardness" (A Rhetoric of Motives 125-126). Do Mary-Kate and Ashley keep blogs? Perhaps you should hit them up for a contribution. Just in case -- as their dress may declare -- they feel any embarassment.

Thanks, Mike, blogged it.

We never made it to Blogaria. Never passed the entrance exam. We were stuck listening to Rachmaninov 3rd Piano Concert played by Vladimir Ashkenazy. A fine year 2002 it was.

You would have been the visiting professor of cultural history from Poland. I would have snuck into your classes. You still owe us the annotated bibliography of Eastern European strategies of dissent under Russian and German rule.

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