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May 02, 2005


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Christina Mirabilis - St Christina The Astonishing - Patron Saint of Madmen, mental illness, and mental health workers.
As was the custom Christina was carried into the church in an open coffin, where a Requiem Mass was beginning. Suddenly, after the Agnus Dei, Christina sat up, soared to the beams of the roof, and perched there. The congregation fled in fright, except her elder sister. When the Mass was completed, the priest persuaded Christina to come down from the rafters, where she is said to have taken refuge to escape the smell of sinful human bodies.
"As soon as my soul was separated from my body, it was received by angels, who conducted it to a very gloomy place, entirely filled with souls. The torments which they there endured appeared to me so excessive, that it is impossible for me to give any idea of their rigor. I saw among them many of my acquaintances, and, deeply touched by their sad condition, I asked what place it was, for I believed it to be Hell.

"My guide answered me that it was Purgatory, where sinners were punished who, before death, had repented of their faults, but had not made worthy satisfaction to God. From thence I was conducted into Hell, and there also I recognized among the reprobates some whom I had formerly known.
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St. Bigwater.


Saints Perserve Us!

An appropriate addition to the Wealth Bondage library.

Nice to see how the Church associated almost every element of life with a specific saint, almost like a tutelary spirit, or Brand.

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