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May 21, 2005


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The World We Want transcends Wealth Bondage.

How about the world we want is immanent in Wealth Bondage?

Wealth Bondage allows us to (or forces us to ?) speculate about the world we want ...

And conversely, The World We Want forces us to think about Wealth Bondage, since the World We Want is funded by those who prospered in business, or inheritied wealth, or who inherited wealth. The World We Want is a reflection of our moral and political consciousness, which most often is rudimentary, isolated, and driven by strategies funded from above. To break that down, so that the strategies and the social consciousness, and the movement, come from the bottom up, and from side to side, and money flows to projects that best advance democracy - that is my dream. We are a long way from it.

Yes, it is immanent and transcends. In this sense we are not reactionary in calling from a return to the Commons, but are predicting a new Commons emerging from Wealth Bondage. The Rational and Market power did overtake and contain the Magical bounty of the Commons, God's Paradise, and what is to come is not a return to that, but a recapitulation at a higher level. What is immanent is the implicate (enfolded) order of the next holarchic stage that is ready to be born (hence immanent). What is necessary is to transcend the bonds of Wealth Bondage to express the explicate (unfolded) order of the new age that is upon us. The only other option is complete failure, which likely means the end for humanity.

Gerry, have you been reading Hegel? Or or Hardt and Negri or something?

Read most of Empire a while back. I only know of Hegel, and not much of that. This comes more from Wilber's descriptions of holarchy and spiral dynamics, and a number of related and tangential sources.

Wilber also talks about what he calls the pre/trans falicy, which is the basis for this too.

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