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May 26, 2005


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Dear Sir/Ms.,
We found your company through internet.
We are one of the largest fetish clothing manufacturer from P.R.China.We can provide all kinds of "BDSM" products , sex toys and lingeries to you at a competitive price.If possible,you could visit our website at www.rzy88.com.If you are interested in our products,do not hesitate to contact us please.
>Best regards,
>Victor Wang
>Deputy general manager

Victor, thanks for your interest.

Wealth Bondage is currently going through growing pains, as I'm sure you've noticed, and is unable to place any significant orders at this time. We do have affiliates, however, and many of them could use a shipment of so-called "courtesy enemas". What they do with them upon receipt is, of course, no concern of ours.

Mr. Wang? Sounds like a new WB persona.

One of the things I keep meaning to do is to check out adsense and other ways to "monetize" WB. What would be get by selling ads for bondage gear on the one hand and self help books on wealth on the other hand? Could we build the ads into the satire? Give the proceeds to social change orgs? Could we get the WB to reach out and suck these suckers in? Making the mosquitos of marketing, inside/outside the frame of our discourse? Anyone feeling "Situationist?" I mean, Mr. Wang would probably be good for a few bucks.

Monetizing this site would be hard. The adult themes may be a little too rampant -- when they're not recumbent, bent over or squealing with giddy delight -- for AdSense.

Blogads? I have contacted them based on JJ Commoner's recommendation.

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