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May 04, 2005


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Ask Burningbird. She's one of the savviest and she could use the work.

Yes, she is a good person and a good friend. She is so giving, though, she would do it for free, if she knows how to do it at all, and that is just not fair to her.

She would certainly offer, if it's within her abilities to do what you have in mind, but she's also grown up and smart enough to know how take on project for hire without spoiling a friendship.

Be nice to know what it would cost if done at commercial rates by someone who knew what she or he is doing.

Harry check out Culture Cat. Pretty close in her comment section to what we want. Not perfect but close. http://culturecat.net/node/795#comment-10110.
Try registering and leaving a comment. You can upload you own avatar photo, and after that the site signs you in automatically. Very convenient. Not sure what blogging tool she is using.

Harry, check out Culture Cat.


Pretty close to what we need. You register, upload your own avatar, and thereafter the site recognizes you and signs you in automatically. However its done it could be a base for further development. Have written Clancy to ask what tool she is using.

It looks like a blog version of the same thing on your bulletin board. What TV mentioned is a bit more complex, and well beyond secure commenting with avatars.

I know, but the Culture Cat comment system would be a step in the right direction, and the right spirit. Maybe it could be pre-seeded with 30 avatars, and in a sidebar the new visitor could pick one he or she liked, and simply "sign in as" that avatar. Clicking on the avatar in the sidebar would bring up a bio and instructions on how to comment in the name of Baal or whomever.

"To masquerade as Baal, avatar and all, just sign is as "Baal" in the comment section."

Yes, that would do it.

Step in the right direction or no, I'd like to have my own avatar, actually make that a plural. That makes it difficult, signing in under one name and having a cast of charaters from which to choose, but I'm just a demanding litte thing.

Getting into and staying in character makes the commenting process itself, more challenging, revealing...

I've just read this yesterday. Here, in WB, the masking of ID is a 'positive'. An intentional community of fakers and poseurs. Or a community of intentional fakers, where the satirical voices are tuned. The reference might be a bit arcance, but a sort of online Goon Show. I know I find myself saying the damndest things in character. Offlline I've known it for years. Why I'm just coming around to this online beats me.


culturecat uses Drupal. Drupal allows users to upload their own avatars. it also has a registration system, bayesian spam filter, image upload, and the ability for all registered users to have their own blogs, if you want that. You can make the front page a "group blog" And lots of other junk. I've built a dozen Drupal sites but I'm tremendously busy at the moment converting a 1,000-page static web site to Drupal...

There's a script that can convert MT to drupal 4.4 and then you can convert that to the latest version drupal 4.6. It's not real easy. You can go to drupal.org and post a message asking for (paid) assistance.

Basically, you convert MT using "Drupal for Bloggers" (http://james.seng.cc/wiki/wiki.cgi?Drupal_For_Bloggers).

And *if* that works, you then upgrade drupal to the latest version. A lot of fiddling with database tables...

Oh, the actual conversion script is here:


There's also Bryght (www.bryght.com) which has done a lot of adaptation of the drupal community blogging capabilities, and I think it only costs $50 per year to use .. I think that then one must do some customization to fit specific needs/desired behaviors.

Thanks, all. Think I may have found a solution at gravatar. http://www.gravatar.com/

Each WB regular could have his or her own gravatar picked up in the comment, upon providing the email address.

Guests could pick a costume by signing in with an email like, Bambi@wealthbondage.com, where Bambi was a pre-seeded character.

Seems it would work, but now with my limited skills come the fun part of implementing.

I was going to suggest gravatar. Been meaning to add it to the 'bottle, myself.

check this out in wordpress

Still have not been able to get gravatar working.

It adds a nice little "je ne sais quoi" ... it would no doubt be fun process to come up with all the masks ... can I be the one to do the research ? I think I'll need to go to Venice during the Biennale to be able to understand the nuance, the subleties that will make the carnival come to life.

Yes, Jon, all expenses paid my Candidia.

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