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June 26, 2005


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Right now, people who are activists, poets and rappers have blogs, but blogging itself is just a tool for further expression of who they already are. That's not to say blogs are unremarkable or the pursuit of it is all vanity. My favorite example is Roger's blog, Limited Inc. He uses the cheapest tools available to put up very impressive work. For the purist, you can get no better.

In groups, the more interested, or engaged, some of the bloggers have a mutual assitance samizdat. It produces enough assistance of all types to justify the effort, especially in light of the distancees covered and the difficulty of getting personality into written words.

As an exercise I am trying to blog about people who are active in the progressive movement, and well connected in it, but who do not have a very big online presence or who do not blog. I hope some will in the future, but there are other ways, and probably more effective ways, for them to use their time and be active. But, perhaps, we can connect them online to those who do blog, or who are active in the "emergent democracy" discussion. Drew doesn't have a blog, as far as I can tell.

I am trying to locate to buy Drew Dellinger's book of poems, either the book or one of the poems in it is called "love letters to the milky way" at the local bookstore they could not find it under books in print. Any help? Thanks

Sorry, Vera, no info here.

Hi Folks, Thanks for sharing my work online. If anyone would like a copy of my poetry book, love letter to the milky way, it's available directly from me (drew@soulforce.com). It's a collection of 12 poems with forewords by Thomas Berry and Matthew Fox. I'm working on a website that will be up in a few weeks, www.drewdellinger.org, and who knows, I may even do some blogging!
Best wishes, peace and justice.

Thanks, Drew, for stopping by. Peace and Justice indeed.

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