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June 30, 2005


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I doubt they want any piece of it. But I'm sure they'll welcome a hard Hobbesian crackdown when you get far enough out of line to be bad for business. They'll support a pro-war, pro-Patriot Act, pro-NAFTA, pro-"a million other bad ideas" vulture as long as he's Brand Democrat™.

So how can we make a buck of this? Or get Candidia's pony boy elected? How do we play the crackdown angle? What is in it for us? Go long on riot gear? Start a social venture using prison labor? Start a liberal membership site and sell the names to the Fatherland Security Deparment? What is the key variable we can leverage here, Harry?

Safety debentures! Joe, come on over for a chat. People can buy safety debentures against Blowtorch, as a premium service above police protection. We're going to need the police for the press gangs anyway, so the funds gathered from the debenture sales can be used to hire force specialist contractors. Interested people can buy into a series of special debentures, that can eventually be converted to full voting shares on safety issues.

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