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June 29, 2005


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Hear, hear! We raised a bit of money for this day with a bake sale at the tank. All of us stand ready to man these barricades of yours, and defend them with the martial vigor only tankers understand.

What's going on in that photo, it looks like the guy in the middle is about to get a beating. How kind of them to remove his glasses so they don't get broken.

I do appreciate the lesson, Tutor, and I'm beginning to think a might be able to get a handle on it eventually. I think what is most difficult for me is how to stay in character but not become the character. You need to go a step further than the Ideal Reader as if revealing an insiders truth but with a seed than unravels its logic. Go a step to far and you are just aping them and it is just another sort of sarcasm.

Gerry, when it works, and it is very hard to get it work, the character becomes a lovable scamp. At that point people loosen up, beging to laugh, and some healing begins to take place, with the truth finally out in the open, accepted. That is the miracle of a work like the Beggars Opera. When Rove laughs and we all laugh with him at his deceptions, their power wanes.

What's going on in that photo, it looks like the guy in the middle is about to get a beating. How kind of them to remove his glasses so they don't get broken.

In some ways he is, Gerry. They're going to hurt him badly. He will get a nice fish dinner afterwards, however, just like we get at the tank :-) We're setting up a website and some listservs that show we disapprove of it, as a sort of lemon infusion for the fish dinner. They'll be featured on television! We're urging everyone to send away for their scripted platitudes. They're a bit out of date (blame the marketing department, not me!), but an aide will apologize.

The Jews are in summer camps in the Baltic, eating Kosher meals at taxpayer expense. They have a Gypsy Band to entertain them. Rumors of torture are absurd. They get excellent free medical treatment in special clinics. They eat better in those camps than our soldiers do on the Eastern Front. News Reels show the Jews dancing, withdrawing money from the Bank, and eating picnics on the grass. Any objections?

No moral equivalence, just the endless drone of propaganda - Germany, Russia, America, brands, political figures, pograms, Potemkin Villages, Operation Infinite Justice, the Fight for Iraq, Shock and Awe, Freedom in her boots on the March. Whatever the product, service, war, or personage the voice is always that of Dick Cheney - have you noticed? Even before he was born that voice spoke on both sides of all the wars, for every product, for every brand, excusing every horror. Above all is the ghoulish humor: Above the door to the camps, "Work will set you Free." Above the gate at GITMO, "Today's Specials from the Sea."

Would you like the lemon sole or my boot in your face? So sorry, we are out of fish.....

"True Ease in Writing comes from Art, not Chance,
As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance"

Shall we? On the the barricades!
Maestro! Makarena. Lambada. Foxtrott.
We shall dance for Freedom. Yes.
Put the smile on your face. A bit more energy in those hips.
We don't want to disappoint our President.
All together now - Eins, Zwei, Drei - Freedom on the March.
I got rythm. I got music. I got my President.
Who could ask for anything more?

"So Fame's posterior trumpet blew..." those are the kind of lines that Pope crafted in imitation of the Ancients. May we do the same.

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