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July 02, 2005


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So, what's actually happening here, beyond curlicues and geegaws?

Just wondering.

Well, of course, I understand that it's so sweet that you're conflicted. Or have been, in the past, one hopes?


Where's here? The poem or WB? Seems to me that much is happening in both, but you must have the eyes to see it and the ear to hear it.

I'm not sure where you see the conflicted thoughts either. The Tutor often highlites authors of wit and insight. The conflict is in the subject, not the artist.

Complacent, Mistress, we are not. Still teaching critical reading after all these years, pro bono publico, to passersbye, not all of whom, shall we say, have realized their full potential. Learning is active. No amount of teaching can make up for a supine learner. The first step is to move from unconscious to conscious imcompetence, Mistress, if I may be so bold.

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