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September 07, 2005


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Earlier this month Yahoo paid $1bn (£556m) for a stake in China's biggest e-commerce firm, Alibaba.com.Interesting choice.

Hey, at least this news item is on the Net all the way over here, you've linked to it, your readers can link to it, and there's actually now something called Reporters Without Borders that no doubt has a web site and a tool kit full of link staplers.

Damn, this'll give GW and pals more fodder to complain about how ruthless those short people are and how they disregard human rights. Go figger ... at least I haven't (yet) been stopped from crossing the border into the States because of a blog.

Hey, mole, fix yer link, dammit.

As for George and pals wagging index fingers at people, well, isn't that what they do best? I'd like to shake a finger at them, but it ain't my index finger.

Ah, hel. t's th Tutr's cut-rte interfac agan. Ty ths:Albaba.cm

Mole, a good workman does not blame his tools.

Yeah? Well this guy, linked from this thread (#16), says there's no such thing as a "workman" anymore, 'cept in James Bond films, in chambers, down through tunnels, way way underground..... hey, wait a minute!!

Blind Mole, follow your own nose.

Thanks for the corrected link, a. mole. If it's any consolation to you, sometimes I tell Tutor about typos. Then again, he once hit me upside the head for misspelling "philanthropy", I believe it was. I would like to claim that it's on account of living so many years now with this engineer that my grammar and spelling have gone to hell. Unfortunately, seems like once I have misheard a word, it's just about impossible for me to spell it correctly.

But getting back on topic, what are you a mole or a workman? Or are you both? And just how skilled of a laborer are you?

I am just a.mole, Debbie, pretty apt, I think. I like the under ground, the under girdings, the tremors and the shifts. I like to watch my hands move of their own.And you, if you were to create a character here (assuming you haven't) who could you most happily inhabit? A human, an animal, an element or force of nature? And if an animal, which, do you think?(No, I am not highly skilled. I do hard labor, but not nearly enough, for when I do, I thrive.)

Plus Moles like Homer (not Simpson) are blind.

Been thinking about characters on and off, mole. The animal that probably best captures me is elephant. At least as far as my heart is concerned. Hmmmmm. Mainly, though, I think I'd have to be Winnie-the-Pooh, as I often feel like a Bear of Very Little Brain around these parts. Oh, I am capable of understanding deeper ideas. Just, I dunno. I get overwhelmed when I first encounter all this stuff and that sometimes causes me to close down and sometimes even to go away. I know I am sometimes valuable, but I often feel to woefully inadequate. And a bit like a fraud. I have two degrees in English, but you wouldn't know it from how I talk.

Maybe I can sign up as the blog idiot. Kind of like a village idiot only more condensed.


Really. The clarification was rather unnecessary.

Tutor and I sometimes share a bottle of Undergird out behind the dumpster. Though share may be too generous. He mostly pours it over my head.Pooh inside Jumbo, would be...Dumbo?

No, more like this, mole.hole:Jumbo inside Mumbo begat... half the threads on the site.

(i think the mole's getting senile, broken tags galore)

Good thing he doesn't light a match.

Nah, not Dumbo. Maybe you actually need to drink some of that stuff that gets dumped on your head, and then maybe you'll start seeing Pink Elephants.

Pinko GOP members?

Constructive hallucinations gratefully accepted, Debbie. Many folk discount the topical application of Undergird. Tutor, however, knows skin to be the largest organ in the body, a vast undulating plain no less thirsty than hungry. To fortify below, one must fortify above, he might say. And unlike Bardamu (who might say anything) he needs not destroy the patient, to save him.

It is dim, but not dark, my friend. (Woohoo!)

Plus, Mole, you must have an excellent sense of smell, which may well give you insights that we sighted people, subjected to the Spectacle, would never have. What does ordered liberty smell like, I wonder? Like coming up roses in a well-tended garden, well-manured?

Hey, Tutor, as a mom, my nose is especially attuned to crap.

Ah, yes. Fortify above. That way the brain give meaning to sensory input. I, however, prefer to go with my gut. My gut has yet to fail me. My gut supplies texture to facts. Perception and intuition based on experience add another layer to fact. Facts alone merely allow one to skim the surface of knowledge.

It is dim, but not dark, my friend. (Woohoo!)

Ah, mole. Perhaps I am really a bat. I have always felt neither here nor there, and I think I perceive the darkness better than the light. And, like the bat, I tend to rely on sound more so than the average person. Tone is everything to me, which is why I sometimes don't perceive irony when online. But when I am in the dark, I am in my element. Unlike a mushroom which is kept in the dark, I choose the dark.

Back to pink elephants for a moment. Here's Pink Elephants on Parade. Drinks are, ummmm, on me.

Uhhhh, no, Gerry didn't suddenly change gender. That was me forgetting to change the setting.

Debbie, Candidia asked me to inform you that if you and Gerry are sharing a membership in WB, she is willing to give you 10% off the usual low price.

Tell Candi that I am touched by her generosity.

But the offer is only good if you take out a second mortgage with WB Finance.

It's mostly creosote, I think. And arsenic. Someone is putting down roots, intending to stay for a very long time. This gives a nauseating edge to the Young Girls In Heat, which is the perfume of choice, no doubt.

Debbie, you smell feisty. Like Harry said, you're doing a bang up job with the NOLA links. My friends and family are benefiting from your research, too, via me. Thanks.If you choose to bat your eyelids, I will try to not creep out. Bats kinda give me the willys, what with the squeeking and swooping and all. BTW, have you considered crossing gender, inhabiting a male (character)? Or how 'bout a female pre-op trans-sex. (Or how 'bout I just shut up with the character references ; )

Yeah, mole, feisty is an apt description. I've had to be. My daughters need me to be. And I need to be for myself. Kind of retroactively applied healing. I'll add another animal into the mix: momma bear.

You're welcome for the research. When I am angry and filled with grief like I am for New Orleans, it's the very least I can do. I hate feeling so powerless.

Funny that you mentioned a male character. Gerry has said that I am a masculine woman to his more feminine man. We complement each other that way. But, no, I don't want to do anything gender bendery. I think that would detract from a message.

Hmmmm. If a woman bats her eyes at a mole, does he see it? Can a mole, with enhanced hearing, hear that? I feel I am asking you a kind of zen question. If a tree falls in the forest kinda stuff.

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