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November 26, 2005


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The benefit from smut driven hits is secondary. None of the seekers are going to stay. They will boost your presence on the web. That matters when you have something important to say. A million shrews with their sharp little teeth are a match for the biggest of dinsosaurs.

And what, may I ask, is the website you are referencing in this post?

It's here in his blogroll.

Sorry, Killer Puppy, added the link to the post.

Dandy, I agree and have used the strategy myself, so I can't distance myself from it. I see it as holding forth in the old Times Square, before Disney came in, preaching to the mystified, while walking around naked - well, Diogenes did the same thing.

Axshully, I'm kind of a dope. I built web sites and such for corporations and small corps. No one cares about search engine rankings in that game. The site's all about a display boutique on the web or branding or just having a presence coz you're supposed to.

Looking at stats and pondering the meaning of it all only came about with the freelancing biz. And, well, you just don't get a lot of hits on this sort of thing with a boring old conventional site.

So, I just started messing with the blogosphere's habit of Cat blogging, calling it porn -- the way we talk about Disaster porn for example. Then, I'm #5 at MSN for animal porn.

the sex stuff -- the is me. i'm a horndog, dirty-minded elder who doesn't see anything weird about typing about Habermas in one sentence and cracking a joke about a sex-related topic in the next.

Probably because I spent my formative early adult years working in a kitchen with a bunch of hetguys. Restaurant work, I've always said, is highly conducive to sexual thoughts: zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, mangos, the spray of a grapefruit, rolls of sausage, slabs of raw meat, carrots (and dolls, restaurant grade carrots... oh. man. you just don't even know if you've never been around 50 lb bags of carrots.)

I'll be serious now and read the rest and respond like an the adult i'm supposed to be. heh.

but wait, sociologically speaking, i've read that we often manage stress in an office environment with sexual fantasy. This was confirmed for me when I worked corporate catering. You'd walk by the cubes to see all the engineers reading 'safe porn' and the stuff you'd get to hear catering corporate board meetings. always fascinating. used to have a guy who'd make us prepare cornish game hens so that it was tough. it was his test for a potential hire. see how he handled an embarassing sitch. nice guy, eh.

ok. serious mode, bitch, serious mode.

Atomized voices, no matter how we turn ourselves into media-garnering, hit-intoxicated freaks, will not do it.

I know this is simplistic (my point which follows) but neither will group-think unified into a coherent message that backs a movement. That is a mrketing message supporting ab rand.

Principles that resonate in all of us will .. but there's the rub, no ? .. precious few of those have not been coopted, twisted, distorted, redefined ... in service to some brand or other, or political idea or other.

That's hwy, IMHO, these times are so dangerous .. everybody believes (or wants to believe) they're backing the right horse, while yelling at someone or other who has a different horse.

Not pretty, nor encouraging .. but the work has to get done, somehow.

We individuals are all holons .. supposedly, nudges, notes and relationships help whole systems start moving in new directions, and there is some instinct in such systems for wholeness. Let's hope so ..

That is a mrketing message supporting ab rand = That is a marketing message supporting a brand

Seriously-- and I think I've said this before here -- I don't see how blogs are conducive to community. It's one reason why I never started one. I started this one, first, to try to do something serious, to get the people on the pulp list yakking again. or something. nothing happened. Pulp attracts people who aren't academics or people who have a lot of time on their hands at their jobs. They don't have time the way, say, people at LBO do.

So, stressing out from having no money and no prospects for earning any because of an ex-exploiter's bullshit pseudo-lawsuit which is costing 1000s just to get thrown off the books -- which was his plan, since, as my attorney said, all the guy cares about is making sure you never have a business and never work in the industry. he wants you in the philipines somewhere shoveling ditches. Why? because, according to the attorney, some peole are just like that. when they lay off the slave or when they can the slave, they realize they needed the slave. and that bugs the shit out of them. pretty insightful for a guy from a profession that is full of thieves and swindlers.

Back when MaxSpeak first started out and told me about what he was doing, I thought the name and tagline said it all: MaxSpeak, You Listen!

I didn't like it, but that was Max and that's what he wanted to do -- become someone who'd be listened to. So, now he goes on CNBC and FOX every so often.

At the same time Max was doing that, I ws playing with Radio Userland, thinking of using it for a software devel. project I was leading up. Radio. Broadcasting. Dave's Radio Userland was all about the idea of a lone voice or group of voices broadcasting.

Didn't seem especially interactive to me.

Then there's the whole comments thing. Reading through a comments section is, to me, like standing in a bar room getting drunk with your buds. All of a sudden, a brawl breaks out. Silly ass drunks like me, giggle and snarl and pour some beer from a plastic cup on to the two idiots -- neither of whom notice because they're too busy tearing each other apart.

The crowd gradually moves out from the center.
Back. Back. Back. It moves. Away from the brawling center. Others get in on the fighting, minor brawls sprinkled throughout the mass of humanity that is always moving back away from the center, which has now become one Big Empty.

Moving. Outward. Outward. Until next thing you know, you're standing outside, taking in the stench of stale beer and piss wondering how you and that mass of humanity got through the side door. And there you are, alone, standing amongst a bunch of strangers, looking for whoever you were hanging out with.

Standing under a dark blue midnight sky, cool brisk air dampening your nostiles and the pungent odor from the dumpster stinging your eyes, you look down. The beer cup is empty.

So is the center.

PS. Thanks for compliment. I kinda got going on a rant and forgot to shove my hands in my pocket, kick the dirt and say, Awww shucks ma'am, it warn't nuthin'.

Tutor, you're a hetman? You have the voice of a woman to my earballs. Which is to say, my imaginings want you to be a woman. DeX, one of my good buds who always made me think and pushed me out of my favorite boxes, I always wanted him to be a woman, too. :)

Tutor, you're a hetman? You have the voice of a woman to my earballs. Which is to say, my imaginings want you to be a woman.

Pretty funny comment. Many hetmen would take offense, but Tutor probably would take it as a compliment. I would too.

Actually, I was delighted and took it as a compliment. To be clear:

1. The Author Function is a happily married middeaged white male with children and the whole bit.

2. The Happy Tutor is a omni-sexual happily married, and faithful gay male whose consort of some 30 years is Dick Minim, who dearly does with he could be mistaken for a woman, but even in heels he is clearly a Gentleman of the Old School.

3. Candidia is not a truck driver in drag, as Capote accused Jaqueline Suzzane of being.

Maybe Tutor is the voice of all suppressed people, all who are driven to personae to find and conceal the self within.

He is proud to call The Bitch his Sister, a Wayward Woman like himself. Or call her Brother, is she prefers. In either case we have a lot in common.

Ms. Bitch, and futhermore....

I do love your site, attitude and style. I think you have the makings of a smash hit, and would buy stock if yours was traded on the OTC.

What I am suggesting, and the point you took, I think, is that in the market-based world, we are all trying to brand ourself, differentiate ourselves, etc, and that in this way we end us enslaving ourselves to the very things we are trying to resist.

Irony is a great curse, because it defers and deflects commitment and action. It dissembles commitment, and is terrified of it.

The benefit of a persona is that s/sh/it can be committed and the irony can accrue around her/him/it.

"Sincerity," said Oscar Wilde, "is the hardest act to keep up," and I think he said it in "The Importance of Being Earnest."

I am interested in seeing where you plant your back foot, when you take a stand. When the weaving and bobbing, and audacity, and razzle dazzle have run their course, what are we fighting for, or is it really just more entertainment, personality driven, buzz driven, whatever works, and then the postmodern gesture, the shrug, the joke?

"There is no outside of wealth bondage." Yet, there are cracks here or there where the light shines in. I think your site is one, and I hope you pry open those weak points and show us the glimmerings of something outside the image-buzz.

I'll bet you will. Probably already have, and I haven't seen the posts. Thanks for your interaction here. When the freaks come marching in, I want to be in that number, when the freaks come marching in....

Happy Tutor wrote: What I am suggesting, and the point you took, I think, is that in the market-based world, we are all trying to brand ourself, differentiate ourselves, etc, and that in this way we end us enslaving ourselves to the very things we are trying to resist.

What's the Joan Robinson quote? "Under capitalism, the only thing worse than being exploited is not being exploited"

Sincerely? What you've said here pissed me off in some ways. I'm not sure why. It actually kind of paralyzed me -- and certainly not because I haven't thought about nearly everything you said.

Except the part of about leadership role and talent. I'm always a little stunned that people see that because I see talent all around me. This comes from a deep and profound belief that we're all pretty much the same. Aside from which, I'm the one who'd bake cookies and bring them to the protest, not the one who'd make the speech, though i was once token speech mom during the GWI b/c I had a stepkid in the service. This amused people since i ws like 24 at the time.

I was good at it, but it drained me emotionally to write and give good speech (not a typho). Because I was, in an odd way, just shilling my emotions, my experience, my white trash family, my token status -- for the cause.

Does being for a good cause, rather than for lining the pockets of capital with the dead bodies of labor make it more bearable?

I don't know.

And, speaking as someone who's earned a grand total of about $2000, plus $4500 in unemployment checks, this demand for people to be pure, to give it up and spread their legs for the cause, coz they have talent? Strikes me about the same way it strikes me when a potential client aks me to do work but doesn't cough up any cash.

Perhaps that's unfair, but are you, like, independently wealthy or something. Do you earn megabucks relatively per hour. Me, I've never made more than $18/hr, and that was a wage with no benefits. When I griped after awhile, I got canned.

Somehow, I don't think that's the crack of light you wanted shining through wealth bondage.

But, here's the part I'm curious about. What's this stuff about persona? I keep hearing in your typage a lust for authenticity, for the real beneath the unreal.

Isn't that the heart of pornography in contemporary US life?

Anything to see the Real: The money shot. The fully exposed, spread eagle pussy. The vixen behind the girl next door. The cock stroking in and out of the hole, any hole. The fist up the ass. The faces of ecstasy.

PS> Dork says: Just as it didn't occure to me that hetmen would come to bitch lab and hit the reload key 50 times to see erotica (which wasn't what it was for me when I made them), or that 'animal porn' would draw the crowd, never occ. to me that thinking someone was a woman might be thought an insult. Although you both say that you aren't insulted, you want appreciation for it by pointing out that you're not most men. This is curious isn't it? (Not that I don't do similar things, quite unthinkingly, too. I just realized this as I was writing it, trying to thnk back to ways I do same, like the "those lefties over there" trope that pops up repeatedly, I guess.

Beautiful Agony

Was the way it was s'posed to be.

Ms. Bitch, yes, WB pays well; the dumpster does not. Working as a Dungeon Master to the Stars is an ambiguous position, well paid, or ill paid depending upon how it is handled, as courtier or clown. That dynamic is thematic, handled in parable, I would say, not a hidden weakness. Many of our denizens live pretty close to the edge of poverty. I appreciate your filling in the biographical detail. I didn't mean to put you on the defensive. The google game with smut accounts for 80% of WB's hits, so I can't criticize, and was meaning to just explore. You draw a crowd of people who come by mistake, then how do you address them? What role do they play in the rhetoric of the site? Are they engaged; are the posts addressed to them? Those are the kinds of things I think about, the passersbye out behind Wealth Bondage, with its flashing neon promises, that are always empty. Are we simply a relay station in the endless society of the spectacle, or do we provide a critique, and how does our rhetoric embrace, exploit, or demolish the rhetoric of the ongoing spectacle that drives people here for wealth or for bondage?

If you did get on TV, with a schtick of your own, would that be a dream fulfilled, or something you would experience as shameful, like whoredom, or embrace ironically as whoredom squared to make a point?

I do think you could break through to that level, you have the brains and the voice. My question is what you would be or do if you got there?

These are not hostile questions, they are central to the theme of Wealth Bondage as a place of power and pleasure and sleaze and success: The Bitch Goddess, we call the American Dream. We know she is a whore, but we cannot resist her.

Tutor: Do you know what this is? I mean, why it exists, whose purpose it serves?Found it using Google to search your site archives, eg, site:thehappytutor.com [keywords]

Correction. It came up doing a Google site search with an error; a space after the colon -- site: thehappytutor.com [keywords]

I do. Some webmasters hork the RSS feed off popular sites in order to incease the odds of people hitting their pages. There will be a number of sites with their feeds piped into Big Tits Lovers. It's a lazy form of leeching.

Interesting. Thanks, Dandy.

Also it might increase google rank for the leeching site, since it looks like WB is constantly linking to them.

How so, T? Via the links embedded within the text of the snagged WB page?

Links increase google position for the site linked to.

"Then there's the whole comments thing. Reading through a comments section is, to me, like standing in a bar room getting drunk with your buds."
That made me realize what it's most like for me is the lavatory stalls at the State College. After years in the blue collar at best working world, sitting down for a nice dump and reading something inspirational, or at least funny. There were among the dullard's smut and idiocies genuine snaps of wit and a few pearls. Bumperstickers became so popular so fast back when they did for similar reasons.
This is as much about that as anything else, and I think if I thought about it some more I could work toward what the graffiti itself was, something further in, farther back, before the channels of inspired speech were bottlenecked and branded.
Something about the quickness of it, and the anonymity, insubstantial and ephemeral, something about time and the transience of anything we ever do.

Exactly, Juke, graffiti on the walls of the jakes, going all the way back to beginnings of recorded history. Truth is more often found in a latrine than in a court of law, congress, or the pulpit. The priest, the think tank thinker, the politician know that the corruption that streams from their anus is far less noisesome than what issues from their mouths. From such insights come satire and ritual: "Remember man that thou are dust and into dust thou shalt return." A President could learn more of the vanity of human wishes by watching the swirling waters than by consulting with AEI. What is the Rapture but the dream that somehow we could flush the flesh away and be pure spirit? And yet what does it reveal if not the stink of mortality. If I must die in misery, let me at least not be self-deluded.

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