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November 06, 2005


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If done correctly, authenticity can be mad dope, Candidia. It can be teh shiznit, yo, and a supah monstah killah. Snootch to the nootch, as we say in the 'tank. I have the authentic look and feel myself, and am considering an authenticity coaching circle at Aspen.

The greater minds at work use the authentic for their own purposes, that is the genius of marketing.

My degree, as you know, is in enthyemetic engineering. We've taken marketing to the next level, in a holistic, intimate and discipline-positive way. This augurs well for a society based on a carefully cultivated sense of ownership.

Discipline is Candidia's stock in trade. It takes a whole lot of oppression to keep markets free of obstructions.

That's enthymemetic engineering, but in this context, emetic works just as well.


Where is Mike or Dr. Chadwallah to teach the class on this?

Mike might run into trouble teaching it in a WB academy, and lapse into teaching ethics.


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