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November 27, 2005


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I don't suppose there is anything that can be done about the spambots while Tutor is away? Seems to be designed with the preview length in mind to show a friendly complement, but of course the pattern is easy to recognize.

All this digital polution is getting to be a strain on all of this. I wonder how it might eventually be defeated? Pre-emptive DOS attacks on their services? Identity solutions? It isn't getting better on our side.

Extraordinary rendition with enema torture?

Most spammers have to have a point of sale and the people who hire them leave a money trail. Many of the crap flooding vandal spammers can be run down by good network security people. A viable, though not necessarily desirable, solution is confiscation of the "businessmen's" assets, same for the spammers' and prison if that doesn't work the first time.

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