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February 14, 2006


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Wait just a minute! I hope you're not drawing some sort of equivalence between their fanatical murderers and our ocassionally passionate faithful. Why the jihadis can't even manage to elect someone decent after we fight for them to have the right to vote. They're hopeless!

Let's talk about remonstrating with our own people after the people who fly planes into buildings manage a little civilization and, yes, some gratitude. Most of them have never even heard of Swift. Our children drink in Enlightenment values with their milk, snug in their parents' cars, as they're taken to the schools we fought hard to make decent. Let's talk about excellence, fine, but after the people who become irate over cartoons develop a little perspective.

To whom can we speak and be heard? The voice does not carry across the noise of the media, the mobs, the bully-preachers, the marketing messages. How can we bring the "englightenment" to those who are so mortally offended?

What both that muslim sects and protestant rogue preachers need is a good old Pope calling the shots.

Yes, and where would you find one of those?

Commander and Chief and Man of God.

Religious freedom is a self-explanatory contradiction. How can someone concieve an all-powerful being and at the same time expect to have the liberty to choose how to worship him/her/it?
You can't have the best of both worlds! Not even wealth bondage consumers expect that much from the brand.

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