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March 22, 2006


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Tutor, where was your usually impeccable sense of decorum? Whenever we NPR types throw a philanthropic celebration fundraiser these days, on dit, "black tie or native dress." Anything else, you and your feathered friends risk having your social capital underestimated by the constabulary.

Native dress, ok. In my case a white polyester leisure suit.

Conformity isn't suited to intelligent, open minded creative individuals. As someone who you would consider to be an every day loser but is probably a darn sight more smarter than you believe them to be (as well as having a self serving purpose for the life they have chosen to live). Barstool bawds convey an aura of sassiness and casual sophistication, chosing to take this particular path in life for a reason - the same as Berry's. The chemistry between these two leads is leaden, and the script is pitch perfect with dozens of amber lines ('Whatever happens, don't expect me to fall in love with you', 'That's ok, nobody has ever fallen in love with me anyway'). To me at least, Henry is the single most likeable character created in any firm, and it stays with you long after the firm is over. Touching, funny and profound- a minor masterpiece, a 'nice' firm, I RECOMMEND IT!

Is this Henry available for a job interview at this firm?

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