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March 21, 2006


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I hesitate to give away the ultra secret key to authentic success, but why not start your own home business advising people just like yourselves? Talk to them about what you would do to get rich if only you weren't half crippled by a rotten upbringing, greed and ignorance. Only don't let them know about the last part. Jack could quote some New Age gurus at them and you, Jill, could be the agony auntie. Your target demographic is you, so act accordingly.

Sound counsel, Mr. Scruggs. Build on one's own proven strengths. Sell to those like oneself. Ask what would someone like me want to buy? And offer it. Authentic happiness through authentic sales.

Actually, that ad is earthshaking. The way to make money is to MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU! God, I had never, ever heard that before. I thought you dressed your money up in a sexy costume and then went whistling off to your job at the seven eleven and when you came home, you ... well, you know, the dollar bills wearing the garters just drives me wild. Say no more.

But I now know I was doing it wrong! I especially liked the point about the houses you drive by being owned by someone. My God! I actually thought they were built by ants and crickets. I'd seen that in pictures in my fave children's book, Squirrels are Democrats Too.

Now I think my head is screwed on right. That book was lying! Now I'm going out and make a million! And I'm not going to dress that million dollar bill up in the sheer black panties I bought yesterday - no sir. I'm not going to be suckered again.

We will be keeping you informed, Rollo, of other money making strategies as we go along. Why exert yourself when there are so many easy ways to get rich?

Roger is not Rollo, and the inverse is also verifiably true. Though I'm sure we both appreciate the sentiment.
When in the days of my youth a young man I knew bragged of his first psychedelic experience that his visions were overpoweringly vivid giant naked women covered in dollar bills, I was disgusted, but from a shallow place, a knee-jerk refusal to admit the draw.
Later I told a much hipper older guy about it with that skin-deep sneer in my voice and he busted my shit on that right off the top.
First you have to recognize it for what it is, then you can honestly put it aside. Only then.
Naked women and money have been consistently and repeatedly on my mind throughout the scary advance of years.
Not first-most, not utmost, not always, not primary always constant, but more than a little and often as not for a long time.
Born to desire - the hunger is a diversion of what every living thing gets up to.
Genes and vigor and the shadow play of mortality.
And at the heart of it the little thing we are, going round and round in circles, trying to find out what time it really is.

Sorry, about the mixup, I recognize the difference when clean and sober between Rollo and Roger. Money and flesh, those were the motives appealed to in the original Wealth Bondage brand concept. They are still the biggest draw, googlewise.

She checked with the market, and it gave her the following job evaluations score:

F+ II 3 528
F 4 (50) 264
F 3 P 400

Total Points = 1192, profile A3

which, when compared on a regression line with other *jobs* at similar levels, suggests that she be in a minor CEO role, more like a cameo .. but still paid umpteen multiples of the low-level grunts she may have enticed to work for her (as opposed to sitting in the Dumpster waiting for the call for part-time WalMart work).

It remains astounding to me, 20 years after learning the methodology, how very bogus and simplistic is the black art of job evaluation, used and controlled by the C-level executives to keep wages down ... except for in their cases, in which circumstances the competition for good performers is supposed to be so fierce that annual double-digit comepnsation increases have been the norm since .. oh, about the time when St. Ronnie and Dame Maggie were mucking about together.

The remarkable thing to me is, JJ, is that you walked away from the rigged game, even though you were on the winning side of the table. Given your "perch" as Tracy G likes to call it, you have seen and mastered a whole way of life. Me too, in my own way. Then we have this other life as the Invisibles here in the Dumpster. Yet the invisible life is the one that rises up daily, in pure leaps of energy, even when exhausted from toil among the winners. Will we ever emerge from the catacombs? As ourselves? You have that chance, since you quite consciously surrendered your ID Badge in WB, and left emtpty handed.

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