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July 23, 2006


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Thanks for the info, Smokey, now we can all get back to consuming and creating more personal debt.

The things is they didn't stop yet. They haven't stopped torturing prisoners yet, and until they do, we don't know what it is, exactly. Because it isn't over. Yet.
Benefit of the doubt. Like that. You know.

Didn't stop. Top Secret. Leakers will be prosecuted for treason in time of war.

I'm dreading my return to New York, to the politically charged atmosphere of the university. Night after night in the student union, the same pissing contest unfolds. Under the spell of the political treatise most recently in vogue, the Communists and Anarchists, by their large numbers, shout down the small handful of conservatives who gather there. These experiences deepen my mistrust of words--of their ability to interfere with simple human feeling and cloud the direct evidence of the senses. I heard one zealot pound the table with his fists, claiming that the world was coming apart. The country’s prisons were little more than charnel houses, he said, and its misery and poverty would soon overwhelm it. Yet to my eyes there was little to substantiate his claims, for things appeared to be as bad — or as good — as they had ever been. I was surprised at how easily these social engineers would fall on the swords of their own sophistries.

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