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July 22, 2006


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If we continue to identify wealth and success with who consumes the most, then we have nothing to look forward to than the distopias which emerges from this sort of get mine thinking.

You need to do future projections based on different scenarios. The smooth, linear and wrong projections that are typical of the head-in-the-sand class assume that nothing really changes. They assume that the scenario they know and con analyse will continue as before.

If health and cultural richness become our measures of success, that we may be able to project scenarios with low per-capital energy consumption, but very high levels of health and fulfilment of life goals.

We already have too many people for the New Empire scenario that is about to crash on the rocks.

What a great post by Art Brock. Scary brilliant.

Yes, there are so many great discussions of currencies, flow and related concepts. Have you watched "The Upward Spiral" yet? A number of discussions connect to that as well.

Have not yet, but I will.

I spent the day today with some pieces of shit. Absolute fecal piles. I also am a steaming turd. We spent the day praying to $100 air conditioning. And each other.

I've never felt closer to my family. Why aren't they related to me?

Sorry, Mole, we are Dungeon Masters not religious advisors.

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