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July 13, 2006


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Man's got a Founder Partner Offer for you

Yo, baby, open-heart, like The Dog. Be mean but raise-'em up, doncha know...


"Does a dog have buddha-nature?"


Woof! indeed. Here's an email exchange I had recently:

Subject: walk the line

Ever been in a situation where you know for sure that what's needed is an absence of you? You wish it weren't but it is? That's an interesting 'walk' to take. Quite the challenge, really. Once you've done that... 5 times?, they should stamp on your passport: Adult.

Subject: Re: walk the line

or that passport may be revoked, and you, asked to take a permanent walk. Then you'd have to like...ahhh...be a Palestinian or something - I've got some of that black and white checkered cloth on hand if ya need it dude.

Subject: Re: walk the line

Ouch. That sounds more painful than a blow to my little ego. I think I will get me a puppy and pet it, instead...

Subject: Re: walk the line

LOL! Halp me, halp me...arf arf lil' doggy, arf arf...

"Mister, does your dog bite?"

I wonder what kind of dog Diogenes had? Terrier? Poodle? Mutt? Pit Bull?

Mutt atop barrel in your title image is kinda cute, if a mite wary. Maybe ol 'Gene kep him around to help 'mark'...?

(bad tangent to 'wary', there is a little cat called an egyptian red (i think) that is loose in our neighborhood. This is a different creature altogether, it moves very quickly, like a fast trot without the jostle, in a subtle but definite zig-zag. it's beautifully weird, but i feel sorry for it. it looks like it's desperately searching for something familiar, to no avail...)

I visualize the mutt lifting his leg against a pillar on which stands a statue of Alexander the Great, while Diogenes lolls naked in his barrel nearby. Some say he trained the dog to do it, but that has never been proven.

Caterwauling. Me. Ow.

A friend of mine had a junkyard dog who lived under his house. This was the foulest, meanest, most malicious mutt imaginable. (And it weren't no pit bull, neither. Nor any other of them boutique 'bad dogs.' Just a skinny snarling mutt.)

Son of a bitch was a misogynist, too. Bit everybody!

Mad laughter.

Anybody know how to disincline a rogue kitty with balls from marking profusely all over one's small backyard territory? This fucker is murdering us back there. Seriously. (I've already tried small arms.)

Man still has a Founder Partner Offer for you.

Also still available are the rod and the staff and various urgings on smacking kids toward the light.
Mama Lori and Papa Jim Love you and so does Jesus!

Proverbs 23:13-14
Don't fail to correct your children. They won't die if you spank them. 14 Physical discipline may well save them from death.

Proverbs 29:15
To discipline and reprimand a child produces wisdom, but a mother is disgraced by an undisciplined child.

Prayer: God help me to obey my parents and not be stubborn and sinful. Thank you for parents who love me and discipline me. I love you God! Amen"
Mama Lori and Papa Jim love you!

Beat them into submission to the God, country, and parents. Working class parenting styles, I believe researchers have shown, are often quite different from those of educated cubicle dwelling parents. The middle class parents foster creative development, and consider each kid a budding genius. Spanking always struck me as a better way to do it. Genius is rare; stubborn pride is nearly universal. No better way to teach a child to turn the other cheek than to slap him upside the head.

You can't use the same approach with all children. Some need a wack just to get them to pay attention, others make an reprimand into an emotional drama. You have to remember that they are good little actors, and they are paying attention even when pretending they are not, even when you'd rather they weren't.

Good actors, mimics, and eventually critics.

.. and seemingly many of them still turn into consumers as and when they grow up .. as if the little buggers don't consume enough before they grow up.

I'd rather get whacked than learn to introject, personally/

Given the choice, JJ, I agree. But the whacking seems to get internalized too.

So, X inculcates, and Y introjects. Interesting. Seems there's a word for most everything. NO.

Only 3 percent of the United States population have a written list of their dreams and goals. Perhaps this is why 3 percent of the people own as much real estate as the remaining 97 percent combined and the same 3 percent possess as much wealth as the remaining 97 percent combined!

Dear God

My goal is to redistribute the wealth of those among the top three percent who did not make a plan (except to passively inherit it) to those of the bottom ninety-seven percent who did have a plan and pursued it doggedly to no avail.

Amen for now

Fammy Tae

Dude, that second Jesus's face is downright spooky. I mean what if I was a real tall guy and he was pretty short. He could be reaching out to cup my...  yuugghhh  . I don't even wanna think about it!

Jesus in the second picture is warning us not to cast stones at Baker just because he went to jail. I guess that makes Biblical sense.

POSTED (at the Naughty Bits Internet Café)

Nanoplay Scene Rooms are popping up all over.

You have to remember that they are good little actors, and they are paying attention even when pretending they are not, even when you'd rather they weren't.

Brother man, have I noticed that. Gerry, those are some wise words, imo. Children have been tricksters in myth, I'd reckon. Or little people, gnomes and the like.

Hi rollo! Do you mean, like, Man, like, Mankind, has a partner offer for, um, God? Because if you do, that is really heavy, and I might need a pretty deep hit to get through it...

(Whew! These eggheads are running on ethyl! &nbspThey all remind me of my older brother who is smart AND buff. &nbspMy girlfriends are all over him and I would be too... but I'm no-ot! &nbspTee-hee!)

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