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July 02, 2006


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Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide, Happy Tutor. Gonzalez's men are riding into town. You gonna wear that star or ain'tcha?

Yes, great stuff all the way around. What he highlighted from Scruggs is important in the design and architecture of supports for TWWW.

Structural barriers are something we should discuss more down below. Benevolent dictators too. Key concepts to develop.

Tutor, I wish I knew what it is you point at that I am keeping alive. Perhaps I am blind to it myself so that is that. Speaking of Benevolent Dictator I would like to point to the recent news of Warren Buffett's letter to Gates Foundtion

America has Benevolent Dictator. His name is Warren Buffett. He is the man who dictates his best wishes as a Human Being and who has the power to produce results.

K! I see you as keeping alive a tradition of satire and dissent that is your birthright as a Pole, your patrimony. I see you as sharing it with us, not just in your explicit allusions, but in your sense of humor, your manner, your "habitus." You realize that what we find funny and the political conditions under which we live are related. A good sense of humor is a harbinger of change.

K! on Buffett, yes. Still, I have heard shrewd comments from Tom Munnecke, a tech guy now into giving, that the Gates Foundation is now so huge that it exerts tremendous indirect power over, well, nations. That power can be used on behalf of Microsoft and on behalf of intellectual propert regimes, whether in software, pharmaceutical, genetic research or whatever else, that enclose the commons. The billions are not being giving through an open source advocate.

It would be fun to trap Bill Gates in, say, Salvador Allende's body, the robotics driven by open source software. Bill is still Bill, but his meat is completely fused to the robot's: his eyes see through Allende's eyes and are moved by what would move his, his mouth speaks through Allende's mouth, and speaks treason against hegemony, etc. Bill still has free will and a virtual control set at his disposal, but every effort produces weak, negligible, or random effects. The only thing he can predictably produce are tears, his own, but he must cry them through Allende's eyes, moved only as Allende's heart would break.

Wealth concentrated even in a foundation run by a particular person always makes us a little wary. Bill seems to have done very good things up to this point.

((( tapping the glass )))


What have they done with the Tutor?!?

Quite, Horslink, this is serious.

Indeed, Dishwitz, a thoroughly robotic response.

Let me test this... creature.

Creature, attend:

Bill seems to have done very good things up to this point.

What - would - persuade - you - to - lift - the - hedge?

(Stand back now, idiots, give it room.)

There is a saying in the giving biz, "No good deed goes unpunished." At some point you have to be at least a little grateful when someone gives billions, and devotes his own energies, and his wife joins him, in seeing the money goes to work saving lives in places where most people would never go. "Praise what deserves praise and sow blame for wrondoers." Two sides of one proposition.

And by the way, I don't have to act like jerk except when I feel like it. I am now an elder statesman. I am entitled to my mellow moments, and dazed expression.

I have such a visceral distrust of Mr. Gates it may take decades for me to unwind it. I watched him and wife and Buffet on Charlie Rose the other night for about 20 minutes. Yes, watched, more than listened. Completely unfair, I admit, but I found him and wife wanting. There is something so damningly deliberate about him, and, first time I'd seen her, I could not detect a hint of affection flowing between them. They all had a big laugh over their fondness for the global free market, it having been berry berry good to them. It was on the order of, of course, I like to make money, HA HA HA HA HA. The laughter was hard, disconnected, creepy, Charlie in on it too. Unfair, I admit, but there it is. I am bad.

Part of it is that Tutor is letting us do this work for him. As he says, now he can play the statesman on occasion, deploy the voice of moderation from a place of power, and let us and Tom M. make the crucial points for him. This thread has some of Tom's comments and a link to his open video message to Bill.

One point is that you don't get the opportunity at a scene of instruction if you are already a parria. Tutor always has the rod handy in case a backside needs beating.

Oops, here is the actual link

Inside/outside Wealth Bondage. What people here never understood was the inside part. They thought it was outside only. The outside, ie the Dumpster, is a parable about the inside, ie the world of philanthropic planning among those who run this world, or big chunks of it by any means available, including philanthropy. The outside is a Carnivalesque upside down version of the inside. As such it is a scandalatum magnatatum, as those on the inside, who never understood the outside, are beginning to finally understand. To really get this you have to move in and out the door. You are supposed to stay outside. Gerry has moved inside, as as Scruggs. New territory, the big house is, but it is the same discussion which we have been having here in parable.

What is Charlie Rose suddenly cut away in the Gates interview for a live update from Candidia Cruikshanks, his generous patron? What if he fawned on her? Then back to Bill Gates. Do you get it?

That is the game here. Charlie Rose is the A.F. but unlike Charlie, good ole Charlie, he has Candidia et al as honored guest from time to time, thereby blowing up his "set up." Who would do that? Only a Fool. Moi, for example, given the chance. But to get the chance means A.F. has to be on the inside convening the conversation with Gates et al. Could he? Well, Karoff does and A.F. is carrying the conversation at the world we want.

Get it?

Get it?

Get it?

What do you need a roadmap? "You are Here!" Point to the Dumpster. "Charlie Rose, AF, Gates, Karoff are here." Object: to violate the effing boundary.

Yes, I am inside WB again, and I have to move across country to serve a new Candidia. One of the perks of the work I do is that most of management doesn't really care what you think, so I can say what I want (within limits, of course) and nobody even notices it, much less would care if they did.

It's a bit like being a high priced janitor.

Congrats, Gerry! Back in WB with benefits and all, I hope?

Oy, so many comments supervened; Let's weave those threads, let them needles dance, let them poke the fabric see the stitching twitching wrangling... I love cheap flowery writing.

Bondage to Wealth best for Health;
Dumpster Macabra

Tutor, thank you. I am frequently forgetting that I did indeed grow up in the tradition of satire, absurdity and qrotesque parody; and may I say here that one of the best was Zenon Laskowik (and his sideshow Smolen); a madman who in 1989 upon the fall of communism in Poland quit the stage and become a postman, a letter carrier, and that for 13 years. It is the Ultimate Dumpster Career I think (well, and that of a High School Janitor). Laskowik is now back with full blown satire doing a "3 Penny Opera Plus Tax" show about commercialization of life. (In Polish Opera is spelled O'pyra. Pyra is a western polish slang for 'potato' so it can be translated as '3 penny potato plus tax') I am glad he didn't off himself like Witkewicz. I think Laskowik's alcoholism may have helpled save his life.... but I digress...

On billion$ checks and balances: This is a huge concentration of capital in private hands, capital larger than many countries' GDP. By default, anybody with such access to capital is surly considered a dictator; yet the operative word in all of this is "Benevolent" velle velle to wish bene bene well. We must not punish a good deed, especially good deeds of a Dictator for whom the cost to make the gift is far greater than my puny act of annual PBS donation. To frown upon such a gift is to diminish that person's commitment for a greater good. And perhaps when we show indignation at Emperor's Good Deeds we merely display our private jealousy, our vanity is what makes us comment harshly...

Anyway, if this gift of capital wasn't made we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Some comments in the link provided by Gerry are a bit on a jealous asshole side... Most other comments full of concern are really not needed. We should now be happy that there is 37 billion more available over some period of time that can be used for something other than building bombers or aircraft carriers no matter how sexy they are on HDTV. I think we should not question the good intentions of Dictator's gifts... of course when Dictators start abusing their power we can always behead them and burn their palaces... but in the meantime remember: No New Bombers! More Milk for Babies! so put your jealousy pistol back under the pillow. There are no intruders (yet)...

Besides, I think in the instruction manual on "How to Operate Wealthy Dictators" there is a WARNING: "Failure to Appreciate the Good Deeds of Dictator may result in Resentment and Malfunction with Cruel side effects."

Supervene. Nice word. Who knew? :-)

My 'first nature' reacts off some physiognomy, some scent or shadow profile. It's a bitch, a cur, a growling mongrel.

My 'second nature' is full of extra circuits to bring the first to heel. Useful, sometimes, disastrous, others.

Jealousy/envy doesn't enter here for me. There's a faint smell of sulfur in the air.

Of two choices, Gates gives big; Gates gives nothing; the first is better, right? Andrew Carnegie broke strikes by having hired Pinkerton agents shoot the strikers. Yet Carnegie started the library system, a college, a retirement system for teachers, etc. Good people do bad things; questionable people do good things. Gates is giving for the least advantaged, not to Harvard. Nor is he raising up lots of think tank thinkers or currying favors with government for the advantage of MS. Let me put it this way, with his money for giving he could do far worse. Also we want to encourage other big wealth holders to give big too. So some degree of praise and appreciation is warrated, lest they just pocket the cash and say, "Why bother?"

Ok, so we praise the gift even if the giver is suspect? At least he didn't use of for more goons? Presumably he had enough cash to pay as many goons as he wanted and the library money was still left over. First he steals the surplus from his workers by violentl surpressing them, and then we are to applaud his generosity?

K! you comment is sublime in its subtle satire. Do Carnege et al ever question the rightness of the system that enables them to amass such a warchest?

Funny how people point to Eisenhower's speech on the military industrial complex and fail to understand how our financial systems emerged in the nation states of Europe who were financing low level military conflicts for dominance. In this context the ability to deliver resources to a national military front was necessary for political survival. The colonieal system developed because these nations were in competition for resources and they had gone beyond the capacity of their local environment to support it so they divided up the rest of the world.

My point here is to contest the ownership of this vast surplus. I'd like them to say, "The world and my nation have been very good to me and I do not deserve to own and control all this wealth, please help me give it to those most in need and to share it with others who helped do the work."

I suggest that they know very well why they bother, because they want to nurture enough good will to supress any suggestion that they didn't earn or deserve it all in the first place. Notice how someone like Soros is the exception in stepping into the political space? Do Gates and Buffet support the war in Iraq? Who did they support in 2004? We don't know because most of their public actions are private. We here about this one because they want us to. Their agent calls Charlie Rose and arranges an appearance. It just looks like public relations to me, what skin do they have in the game?

Keeping Something Alive (A Tangent)

Back in the late 70's while K! was probably doing something serious, I was watching the pre-Showtime Los Angeles Lakers at their ghetto palace, The Forum. (The 'Fabulous' Forum is in Inglewood, just south of L.A., right off the freeway -- but someplace most white folk don't wanna hang after the round ball crowds have thinned. See Lawrence Kasdan's 1991 Grand Canyon for a big chill take on this.) So, anyway, one night, game over, and I and thousands of others are walking through the parking lot in search of our cars. Jack Kent Cooke, Lakers' owner and builder of The Forum, is going home too, but he is going home OVER you if you don't get out the fucking way. He literally would have run me (and anyone else) down if I hadn't jumped out of the way at the last moment. My memory (hopefully distorted here) is that his driver wasn't using the $5K White Rolls Royce horn at all, depending instead on the startled murmur of the parting crowd as warning to those ahead. Strikingly, there was no security accompanying him, just old jack in his jackmobile, untinted windows, jacking through the crowd at 5 to 10. No one kicked the car. No one screamed or cursed. No one even touched the thing unless it touched them first (and then in the ass!) Everyone must have a story like this -- don't they? And some surely have much worse. I've stitched and twitched and wrangled, spun second nature circuits, meditated, purged, and polished, the memory, but still it's in the gut. The bitch cur mongrel wants to rip his throat out, and still skulks sullen, wondering how on earth we let that pass.

Cooke died of cardiac arrest in 1997. The provisions of his will established the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation to help struggling people achieve the same success that he enjoyed. The stated mission of the foundation is "To help young people of exceptional promise reach their full potential through education."

I agree with fucking Gerry (and his cousin, regular Gerry, too!) 'fukit should just calm - the - fuck - down. Chill puppy. There's plenty of chow in the bowl. And El Toot. Kid 'Get it??' Happy, the middleweight contender. Can counterpunching take the crown? Stay tuned.

The outside is a Carnivalesque upside down version of the inside. As such it is a scandalatum magnatatum, as those on the inside, who never understood the outside, are beginning to finally understand

arrogant, wot ?

What is Charlie Rose suddenly cut away in the Gates interview for a live update from Candidia Cruikshanks, his generous patron? What if he fawned on her? Then back to Bill Gates. Do you get it?

always just doing his job ...

Well, some folks here are playing catch up, but not me. These are the paradoxes of GH and Wealth Bondage and The World We Want. I do show up in the World We Want. There Peter plays Charlie Rose to a dozen wealthy people at the tip of the pyramid, and I pop out of the Dumpster along with quotations Candidia, and from from several of you in the final scene of the last act. So, if I have been co-opted so have you been. The dumpster landed and you clowns spilled out to the delight of the crowd. Read the book when it comes out in January and see.

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