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July 29, 2006


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Um, is Deputy Editor an editor who specializes in editing deputies? Or is he a general editor who is subordinate to a chief editor? Or is Deputy his christian name and Editor his surname? Or is he a failed permutation of The Deputy Author Function. Or.. what??

We all have busy lives, so please, PTB, a little clarity? What is the nature of that to which we shall bow?

I as Deputy Editor enforce law and order in Wealth Bondage. That means keeping due decorum, protecting intellectual property rights, and insuring that Dumpster Dwellers show proper respect to the duly constituted authorities set above them. Within this framework, philanthropy will flourish as wealth rises to the top and then trickles down, through voluntary acts of generosity or strategic intent.

You raise a good question about the Editor in Chief. My understanding is that the role is vacant. It may remain vacant due to cost concerns.

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