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July 22, 2006


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I knew a girl like Missy once. Maybe it was Missy. Anyway it was at a party and she wanted to three-way with some guy and me. This could have been cool if we could have gagged her (with a gag, silly) and tied her to a chair. Introduced her to her better side, y'know?

Saving that, I wouldn't have effed her with his dick. So he and I hooked up instead. ;-)

Thanks, Scintilla, sounds like you have the basis for a tv series.

Sure, hon! (Paris must have thought we were talking about her. Gee, what a surprise.-)

Celebs in Wealth Bondage help us see that we too are in the right place.

For a relatively small investment, a girl naturally endowed with the pulchritude and pudendum can enhance and leap classes like an athlete. Has the broad jump ever been more profitable?

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