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July 18, 2006


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Hate to break it to you Blowtorch, but you and your like have already been pushed to the sidelines by globalization. Spanish, Manderine, Cantonize and a few more are on the rise. The will need natives for slave forman roles too, so you are out of a job.

Pretty soon you are going to be begging to be let into China where all the jobs for your skill level have gone.

As for the programming jobs... India?

Except that the movement of programming jobs isn't really a zero sum game. Programmers mostly feel they want to create the best programs once and move on. The fact is that we are still on the upswing in terms of software production, and to date automation and higher level languages have not put a dent in the demand for programmers.

The nightmare scenario is the AI program that talks with the users and makes the software to do what they need. But I don't see it that way, at that point I become a power user and a design partner with my AI systems. We are not in danger of running out of things for smart, engaged people to do. The problem is the economic system itself, and I am just as much a worker at the drive through order taker. I just happen to have skills that are still in demand.

Hey, Blowfeesh, wassup? Chinga tu madre, that's Spanish for world we want, maricon. Parate, pinche idiota!

I used to sit on this guy's lap who is a really good programmer. Sometimes I could tell what he was thinking just by doing that. (Tee-hee!)

Answered an ad: "Black Top Jobs!" Figgered I was fundamentally suited. Turns out it was for a parking lot attendant. Fo shizzle my nizzle.

I think it's "un mundo adonde se le cortaron los huevos a Dennis Hastert."

That bright shiny fence looks just like a long fence I drove by a few hours ago. It was along a road by an old Cemetary where the "original Uncle Sam" is buried. Teenagers have been liking to break the headstones in that cemetary for a long time now, but I guess it's got worse lately, so they put up this fence.

I don't think it has anything to do with hispanics, just youth.

It has long been established that youth are far worse than hispanics. Hispanic youth? O - mi - god. Oxygen, please.

Ya gotta wonder. If you're a city teenager a cemetary is a good place for a beer party and to smoke mary jane. Expecially if there's lot's of trees and gullies where you can hide from the cops. Those illicit substances are illegal, so it must a bonus to desecrate the grave of Uncle Sam, even if you're too wasted to realize it. Old people, I bet they understand the importance of building a social network on odd occasions like that - thirty years on you can say to the local real esate mogul "remember when we threw that chunk of headstone at the cop car?" Of course, now he owns the tenement that your Italian grandfather was born in 1906, and a bunch of Paraguayans live there in 2006.

That's what those Mexicans are doing. They're not taking our jobs, they're disturbing our work life's interment, chucking the headstones at the cops of our mind who are there to convince us we're not already dead.

Building social capital, I guess.

I installed an air conditioner today for a stunningly beautiful Honduran. Achingly beautiful. Have you ever been hiking and embraced a massive stone overhanging a cliff with the world spreading out below? Like that, but with deep brown eyes.


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