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September 30, 2006


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Frank is thinking of you.

Sweets to the sweet, Tutor!

I'm hoping to get another two schortschrifts posted early, but given my own precarious spiritual position....

Short schrifts are better than I deserve.

You deserve a Goat Memorial.

I still think rumors of your demise are premature, but everybody has a right to know how their wakes will be conducted. Albert will read the eulogy, the mourners will place their schrifts in the dumpster and the goat memorial will play in a loop on the screen behind the pulpit.

That is the thing about blogging, isn't it? Unlike short stories, or a novel, or a play, it has no ending, no logical conclusion. It can stop, but not have "an ending." Invisible Adjunct stopped, but the ending remains raw, as if she just up and died. Blogging is more a like a TV show that might get cancelled, or a picareque novel that goes on in weekly installments, or daily installments, until the author and audience wear it out. The End of Wealth Bondage or the Golden Age of Wealth Bondage?

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