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October 04, 2006


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My, my .. clicked though to Vitia. Adjusting to the landscapes we inhabit, another form of FIFO ? Words lead to actions, actions speak louder than words, just read my lips and then do .. do what Deciders tell us so that we may inhabit their landscapes .. no more fustian and flyting, the world has changed, don't we know ?

I thought this blog was shutting down ... stick to its knitting, as it were, core competencies and all that. No more roustabouting, just sticking to the official facts. Isn't that it ?

You can't believe everything you hear. If you heard it at WB, you can discount it even more.

I tried to sell out to the highest bidder, but there were no takers at any price. So, I am back to doing pro bono executive coaching out of the Dumpster.

You could create a scandal with a museum trip.


Frisco is within a few miles of the Dumpster here in Dallas; the article has been all over the local news. Of interest to me is the comment of the director of the Dallas Museum of Art, who went to Williams College, where I first learned to lisp the words, "liberal arts." Here is the comment, “I think you can walk into the Dallas Museum of Art and see nothing that would cause concern,” Mr. Lane said.

Gutless wonder, don't you think?

Perhaps JJ, on click-through, didn't have the irony detectors engaged. There was some tongue in cheek there.


We who wear masks to protect our identity, recognizing that our opinions are unacceptable to the higher ups, can hardly point fingers at those who speak mildly while exposed in propria persona inside a command and control hieararchy. All I really want to do, to the extent I can, is to makke visible, the "rhetorical dimension" of our dilemas. Others since long before Jesus or Diogenes, have been in this position. The history of rhetoric is largely the history of how the best writers, orators, prophets, philosophers, sophists, jurists, generals, counselors, Fools, and diplomats have addressed just these issues. So, we have plenty of role models, some of whom died in the line of duty, some a horrible death, and one of whom was resurrected.

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