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October 01, 2006


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Those flash video service providers are just dreadful, Tutor. They only work very limited motion and color digital video. Someone doing one of those video podcasts can use them. I can't.

What do you suggest? Link to the original file and not put it in flash at all? I know the flash version is not very high quality, but it will have more viewers than the downloaded link would. Should we include both?

I thought about it a bit. A link to the download would let anyone interested have it the way it's supposed to look.

Thanks for doing the video; it is pretty funny, but also evokes my role as scapegoat. It should probably end with a ritual slaughter, or the goat cast out into the wilderness. The head butting is about right, though.

Do you want me to delete the video, Mr. Scruggs, and leave only the link?

Things are good just as they are now, Tutor. Thanks for putting in the link.

The caged goats, not too badly treated for now, the goats in the little courtyard ritually butting heads, and doing a nice dance of it: Dick Minim wouldn't want to see them waterboarded or eaten.

Goats are among the domestic animals that do well when they escape or are cast into the wilderness. They're hardy creatures. They make excellent companion animals for high ticket broodmares -- they keep stray dogs away. The religious animus towards them is based on their ability to strip a fragile ecosystem, one not capable of of sustaining a large number of tough, adaptable critters. There's also nothing like going out to find your hardscrabble farm has become a buffet for the careless neighbor's herd. How many of the ancient religions' prohibitions are based on laws designed to cope with the cupidity and thoughtlessness of wingnuts, eh? The religious prohibition: what the community needs when the sense of the law is not enough. It sucks, though, when the wingnut gets to interpret the religion too.

Who separates sheep from goats and sacrifices whom? The Decider does. The evidence he uses is obtained in secret, and perhaps by torture, and remains secret to protect you better Mr. Scruggs. Any problem with that? Are you saying you don't trust the man with the pincers about to rip your nuts off? I wouldn't say that if I were you. It might provoke him.

So, even in death, Bob, Wealth Bondage closes about us, with the sickly smell of lillies.

spam alert, Tutor ... Bob's not your uncle.

I know, I am deleting as needed.

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