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October 20, 2006


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Orale, homes, fear can be a strong motivator in my neighborhood, too. Every day I fear I will outlive my money, just like you.

Some pinche gringos used appreciative inquiry in Chavez Ravine back in the day:

When Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley was negotiating with the city of Los Angeles in 1957 over the deal that would take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, he and a county supervisor took a helicopter ride over Los Angeles to look for potential stadium sites. When they flew over the undeveloped 300-acre lot at Chavez Ravine, surrounded by freeways and within sight of the downtown skyline, O’Malley is said to have pointed and asked, "Can I have that one?" The supervisor replied, "No problem."

They focused on what was working in our neighborhood -- and built a diamond on it. Play ball, cabrones, we are focused on you...

Wealth Bondage servant leadership.

Information as an antidote to fear? How quaint.

Fear keeps the nose to the grindstone. Too much info, though, produces dread and despair. Comes a point when no amount of personal planning is going to make much of a difference, given rising medical costs, benefit cutbacks, and the end of traditional pension plans. Best to accentuate the positive, and bring in new people full of youth, vigor, and hope. Naysayers do not prosper.

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