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November 08, 2006


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Amazing just in what you quoted. Yes, exactly.

I think it's the (interconnected interlinked) high road, consensing around the basics of a world most will want, versus a low road of non-inclusive spectatorship and consumption.

Now, for the record: I have know Marty for a couple of years. He had wanted to attend the original Open Space for Giving Conference but could not make it. He recently spoke on network centric advocacy to a group of progressive funders around Tides Foundation. Tracy Gary heard him there and mentioned him to me. What I am saying is that the "weave" is closing little by little. "Tongs" is a pretty good word for it. Tracy has hers. Marty has his (see also greenmediatoolshed.org), then there is the Dumpster Crew, and TWWW, the Wirearchy network, O.net, Gifthub. The Tongs do not share many common members. But here and there a person or two spans the boundary. Network analysis would suggest that this is a promising sign.

"Aggregate" is the wrong metaphor for networks. I'm not sure if that's because people are imprecise, or they are just used to being crushed.




Thanks, Klaus, blogged the third link. Can the net be a literary medium? A place where myth is co-created? Political in the deepest sense of being the "new social," where shared understandings about our shared lives comes together, a tool for organizing, or is it doomed to being an "elsewhere" for us to hang out in, as "real life" turns sour?

I agree with klaus that 'aggregate" is less precise in this case.

What, klaus, in your opinion is the most precise and still most useful ... or I guess the most apt .. metaphor ?


that's helpfu, thanks.

I guess network is the most precise metaphor for networks because "network" is metaphor that uses the structure of a net to symbolize the social. Network is already a metaphor. To say that aggregate is the wrong metaphor for networks is like saying sun is the wrong metaphor for star.

The problem of talking about how the web "aggregates" and how the web "networks" must be the same as the literary problem of mixing metaphors.

Thinking of the web as a web compounds the error. when you talk about the web you're using using a referrer that to referent no good is.

"precise metaphor" is an oxymoron. I shouldn't have said that.

But poop obtains a level of precision which attested by Julia Roberts in Mongolia.

Despair, Klaus, is best avoided, don't you think? A union or a political party is more than an aggregation of individuals; it has what the individuals separately don't, clout. Also in coming together people in a network or union or organization are changed, and stone isn't. Why the contempt for networks? Because it is a yuppy metaphor? Because the nodes stay put as electrons beam around? What is the metaphor that would suggest revival, renewal, community, solidarity, courage, and social purpose?

"Why the contempt for networks?"


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