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November 07, 2006


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Yes, this link deserves more prominence. I'll bring my comment here as well:

I don't know. I'd like to think so. But I just don't know.

I'd sure like to give it a try before we write it off as impossible.

It is another great essay. It is amazing how we are collectively finding the pieces and fitting them together to make a whole, as if reassembling an ancient vessel that had long since been shattered. If we could even begin to maintain this "level" of discourse, we would not have to worry about the deputy editor. We could hold class.

We already are. I wonder how it is for someone comeing new to Wealth Bondage, and if you really went deep, you could read conversations over several years. I don't look back often, and in the best cases permalinks don't suffer too much bit-rot ...

But there isn't enough time to read the gems minted in the present much less indulge in looking back. Maybe in my dottage, if that ever comes.

Class starts again tomorrow. New students register with Missy at admissions. No, don't bother, just present yourself to the Tutor for an assessment at take you lessons with whatever dignity you can preserve.

The thoughts and tropes get reprocessed endlessly. Almost like an oral tradition. What gets remembered and repeated are the gems. The rest if pretty well forgotten.

Pick me! Pick me to!

Here are my contributions/credentials:
I play well with others
I share…a lot
For instance, if you want a lick of my ice cream, I’ll give you a whole scoop!
I’m told I sing rather nicely
But I am too shy to do it publicly.
I am such an, “outsider”… moss grows on my feet.
I don’t like to get hurt for sport and I am very careful not to intentionally hurt others…unless I think they deserve it.
Can I help change the world we want?
Yep, I’m in.
Thanks Lohmann for your convince.
So, can I play too?
Or will I be thrown out of the dumpster because I can’t talk like Shakespeare or Dennis Leary? My Thesaurus is oh so tattered.

Hey, they let me stay around, and I'm an engineer with little training in liberal arts.

Really, I think the only code around here is to be yourself (under a mask if necessary, but authenticity seems not to be impaired by masks).

Sir EOP, you are in, just don't aggravate Candidia. She has been leaving us alone recently. And you might want to bring pizza sometime.

Thank you Tudor, Gerry...

Calling Domino's as we speak..

Pepperoni? Susage? extra cheese?
deep dish or thin crust?
Ok, I'll get one of each!
: )
Bona petit

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