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November 30, 2006


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Greenholz? When did her surname change? No matter. I shouldn't speak ill of my betters. You could dress the pig up in pearls, and would still be a pig. Even the Dumpster has a house nigger, and that would be me. That's my box you're stepping on, sir. I will spare you my delicate feelings.

Bernholz is correct.

Feh—public intellectuals, private profits.

So, ummmm, I am unathorized to read this. Guess that was the point?

No—my apologies. I thought I'd left it open because my practice now is to put things up in the open for a day or two and then close them off. I'll open it up again until tomorrow.

Still says I am unauthorized.

Do I have to pay Livejournal to read you?

I get the same message about not being authorized. Anyway, et. it is good to see you back here commenting. I missed you. I am still thinking about your video pastiche on donors and grantees. Wish you would put that back up.

It's open now. Sorry for the delay.

As for the video, don't you remember what the good witch told Dorothy?

"Give me the Golden Cap." That is what she said, but I am still not back in Kansas. Thank you for the link, though. At least I now have access to the video.

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