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January 10, 2007


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Cozy place you've got here. Any decoration tips? I need to spiff up my box. Cardboard is very functional, but it's kind of blah.

Jester tiles are good, if you got an extra $250,000 or so.

Whew. Fancy. But too rich for my blood. You got yourself a sugar momma?

What are jester tiles?

Something I could beseech little Baby Jesus for, perhaps?

More to the point, how do I get that upper-right NaziGirl costume icon, anyhow?

Jester Tiles on Sale

The actress is from some bdsm video. I believe that what she is wearing is a US military uniform, though the hat looks like it might be Russian.

One cares not about the actress (except in a Bodhisattvic sense), one cares about how one might acquire her iconic persona, as it were.

You certainly came to the right Charm School.

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