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January 24, 2007


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I think you need to invite President Jackson to offer his opinions on the bulk removal of people, etc. Isn't time WB had a genocide policy advisor? I mean after all, think of the time and effort it would save?
Such a high minded poet should be a free agent for long. Snap him up!

I wonder how many other people think of philanthropy as only looking backwards instead of looking ahead? I guess there are enough philanthropists who practice this to engender such a belief in the public....

Elizabeth, thank you for dropping by. The gifthub guy just blogged you.

Chris, "The World We Want" by President Jackson. Utopias come at a price, as does "moral clarity," as in Iraq today or the American West in Jackson's day. Ideals and slaughter.

Yeah Tutor! That's what I want to see more of. Forget Bush and his state of the union and this interminable war...we need a leader like President Jackson...just round them up and ship them off and make the wilderness safe for good Christian enterprise to take hold.

If Jackson was your President, America would be safely ensconced in Iraq and you'd own all the oil now instead of having to share it with the British.

And with all that wealth, what would we need philanthropy for?

Ah well..we can only dream.

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