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February 11, 2007


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As in Socratic conversation among friends, a memory, shared understanding, certain refinements of skill. And how would that make for immortality? Each person so touched is driven to continue the conversation with others, and so the skills, the sensibility, the culture is passed on. For this I honor those who went before. In conversation with the living, we can even awaken the voices of the dead. To be a link in that chain of transmission is a calling and the only immortality that matters

Exactly, notably the "conversations among friends, a memory, shared understanding, certain refinements of skill ..."

This is what lives on, changes minds, lives and the world over time. It is IMO where we practice faithful interpretation in real time.

Our posterity is our congregation, Church, School, or Dumpster.

As you repeat here, this is the stake in the ground around which our individual and collective posterity grows. It is all there is.

You missed family and deep friends, for better and worse.

Good additions, JJ. Amen.

I'm humbled into silence, almost, by so generous a compliment; I’ve been trying to draw together my faculties to compose an acknowledgment befitting your own gift.

All that comes to my lips is, Thank you, brother.

"Father," AKMA, is what sprang to my lips, reading your comment, though I know you prefer to be taken for a peer.

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