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April 10, 2007


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Why not get with the times, codgers? Either badge tattooed on a comely rump is ok with me. Maybe one on either side so we can turn the other cheek?

Hell of a disclaimer:

Results are vindictive and may not reflect public opinion

Content Warning. I wonder what it would be for WB?

You mean, like

Warning: I am content, motherplucker.  Plague me at your own risk.

Cheeky monkey!  (tee-hee!)

Wealth Bondage is a Work of Art

No, no, no!!

Not yes.

Not no.

Not both. Not neither.

Not something other than all the previous categories.

So there.

much love,

B. J.

I appreciate the comment, BJ. Wealth Bondage is nothing, it is all. Wealth Bondage is visible every and nowhere, it is outside us and inside us. You don't enter Wealth Bondage, it enters you. You don't leave Wealth Bondage, when it goes it leaves you bereft.

~~ WB, all that you can be ~~

Hm, WB, all you can be. Not bad. Be WB, be all you can be. Unforgettable.

Every time I look at "Buddhist Jihad" - that set of syllables - here or in my mind's eye, I am cracked up.

Dr. I also can't help laughing.


(You are already familiar with this koan, one hopes?)

Not familiar. If we ask for explication is that where the Zen slap comes in?

The American Dream ... U CAN be WB

Ooops .. I meant U CAN B WB

Give the gift of Wealth Bondage.

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