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April 17, 2007


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heh .. what a surprise ...

Welcome to our future.

Clicked through and read it ...

I suspect that the presence of and our engagemen with the Internet will exacerbate the problem over the longer term. We'll all be watching how everyone else watches us, and wondering what they think and whether we've said the right thing or not. Carnival killer.

O anxiety .. what a cruel mistress you are.

Videotaping a party and playing the tape back when sober would be sobering too. That is what it is like reading old posts. Carnival? Who me?

What's 'disarming' these days? When was the last time you were disarmed and burst forth unconscious of self?

Some thing some one some rhythm or event allows for no other response but that which issues immediately involuntarily from your vicinity.


And what's another word? Slay?

She slayed me.

O to be properly slain.

Please, kill, this, fucking, thing.

Unselfconscious - yes, or swept up or swept away, or entranced, to lose oneself. It is rare indeed, and hard when it is clear that judgmental others are watching, don't you think? Hence anonymity. But masks become transparent in time, and the actor is held to account, when civility is enforced. To get past that and find "the flow" as art is rarer yet.

Our mind's eye. Our minds' eyes. Have been fused into our phones.
Which never leave our minds. Aye.

What's it like to live in Britain, London is it, where the minders' eyes are literally everywhere, installed?

In the minders' eye.

Aye? Oy.


Twee little kitten
he's lost his smitten
and he began to cry

O mother dear
I sadly fear
that I have lost my smitten

What! Lost your smitten?
You naughty kitten!
Then you shall have no pie

Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow,
No, you shall have no pie.

pent up and sad

and muttering behind the dumpster with CS Hui.

pent up and sad

From It's Not About The Firearms

"Every day we're bombarded from all sides by marketing that tells us that our bodies aren't ripped enough. Our credit score is too low, but a Visa card is priceless. We need a bigger car. We need more chemically polluted foods, then the diet pills to interdict with the chemicals, then more medications to interdict with the diet pills, then additional meds to give us boners and free-flowing piss when our organs stop functioning from all of the above. We need plastic surgery to feel accepted. We need acceptance in order to be popular on MySpace. We have to redecorate our homes, buy a souped up chopper, eat brick oven pizza with five varieties of cheese and we need to display bumper magnets that prove to the dickhead behind us in traffic that we unequivocally support the troops.

Meanwhile, the divide between the people who can easily purchase all of these items and the people who can barely afford to keep their city water turned on is growing larger and larger, while the middle class is disappearing. It used to be that a guy could work 40 hours a week in a blue collar job and still be able to own a home, send his children to college and take his family on vacation every summer, with a pension waiting for him on the other side.

In every city, as well as a staggering number of suburbs, crime is becoming the only way to keep up with the 21st Century version of the American Dream (now with easier pissing power!).

Besides, aren't our kids supposed to shoot before they talk?

Who should we really be afraid of, anyway? The black kid with the oversized NFL parka or the white man in the suit rationalizing that it's okay if he pollutes the air or pumps our kids with mercury-contaminated vaccinations and high fructose corn syrup until they're fat, diabetic, cancerous globules lumbering diligently from the drive-thru to the waiting list for gastric bypass surgery? Obviously the black kid in the NFL parka is the one to fear because, let's face it, even though it's going to be a painful torturous death, the white man will kill you with snack foods that come in "fun" shapes -- AND he offers a fully stocked biggie-sized menu. (The non-snark answer is that the white man in the suit selling high fructose corn syrup is the one to fear, given the choice.)

Despite all of it -- coupled with gun ownership -- most of us don't run around killing people. The answer, they say, is to ignore these societal factors if you choose to. Be your own person! An individual! You know, like they teach in schools where everyone is forced to dress the same and where the creative arts are being downsized."

Yet in an era when we're being marketed to and categorized without even knowing it, how can we possibly avoid the perils of the modern American Dream (now featuring Crazy Bread!)? Combine this with record foreclosures, record bankruptcies and a health care system that, if you can afford it in the first place, will provide you with something for your Restless Leg Syndrome while refusing to cover your psyche meds and therapy sessions.

There's nothing sadder than a rennfair.

Time, gents.

Hey, fellas, he's right. Everybody form a circle and DRUM!

Interesting about ehrenreich essay she make the talk about mirror.

I have not read much to closely.

But if you could say that mirror is correct but not remembered thing of media study.

many peoples talk about media but not as mirror being media.

it would be, orginall, mirror, like in pond reflection, first example of media! Orginal fiber-optic cable to brain! Very fast. No DSL.

Now what modern people talk about media, is what olden peoples make mention of pond!

Then after, must be dry, because only handprints and antelopes. Even in dark must make image of self, even if look like even body else.

Narcissus then and now?

Psyche and Echo? As first talk show?

I don't know, mead.

Talk shows are the grave commune of the immediate past, the dead communion held in prosthetic memory, the recently died talking about their next lives, talking about their next projects, their current books, movies, acts, songs, but it's all out there somewhere, not here.
Nature brings death and sex, the enemies of the Immortals. That's why we were taught to hate Nature. That's why we were taught to hate sex and death. Think not look how much hatred there was just now, relatively speaking the 50's amounted to a denunciation of the natural world.
That thing above us building its epidermal conjunctions - blind pulsating cells mocked up into teeth like gear wheels, turning toward the same circular present, lubricated by what's available, now.
So many times over and over but no, no it has to be decipherable - we're all doing the best we can dealing with what we can see, let's not get into what we can't see.

This "flow" you speak of. Does it appear suddenly, as a bolt, irrespective of preliminary development, or is it the product of steady application and commitment, even if periodic?

Generally, it involves either delusion or stimulants.

Specifically, personally, here, it involved two glasses of a very comfortable local Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedres, whatever delusions have yet escaped my relatively rigorous though sporadic self-exams, and no stimulants more pharmaceutical than ginseng gum and gingko biloba.
Delusion would be the area most vulnerable to snarky critique and/or effete disdain, but I'm yet more convinced each day that what happens here, on the larger human stage, is more than any commonly-available narratives can explicate, let alone resolve. That our ignorance of that wider plot helps drive it, and that our allegiances, when they do get outside the confines of the gratificational self, are too often misdirected as a result.
Thus delusion versus confident assessment versus blind faith in historical cataplasms isn't a serious conflict, for me. Though fun in a puzzle-solving way.
Not-knowing, humble and honest, and delusion, sincere and unselfish, being closer to each other and more conducive to real synergistic progress than the smug and arrogant half-steppings of positivist/rationalist discourse, generally, they seem the areas most in need of encouragement and illustration.
But mostly it's just that flow thing.

Sounds like there could be a few more glasses in that bottle. Care to share?

Self conscious? Or ecstatic?


(I don't know, but I can't stop looking...)

Almost human, sometimes smarter

Chimps display a remarkable range of behavior and talent. They make and use simple tools, hunt in groups and engage in aggressive, violent acts. They are social creatures that appear to be capable of empathy, altruism, self-awareness, cooperation in problem solving and learning through example and experience. Chimps even outperform humans in some memory tasks.


In his own studies at the Yerkes Primate Research Center at Emory, Dr. de Waal found that chimps as social animals have had to constrain and alter their behavior in various ways, as have humans. It is a part of ape inheritance, he said, and in the case of humans, the basis for morality. The provocative interpretation was advanced in his recent book, “Primates and Philosophers.”


Three Brass Monkeys are the model of Civility.

How could blog be dead? We haven't hardly got naked yet??

(fyi:  Most read article on Alternet for the last 7 days.)

(Bonus!! Can't see the forest for the quim!)

(fyi:  Caution!! Girls scaling trees like racoons!)

What's that bit where Tom Wolfe is sitting in some kind of topless burger joint with Marshall McLuhan and McLuhan remarks that the waitress is "wearing the restaurant." I think Sally Wilde was there too.

Oooh, a cocktail! Thank you, comely teutonic wench!

klausowitz, my bother. let us scale yonder willow after comely coon. let us surf the ebbing tide of roy b's bottle's flow. 's. let us link arms with the teetering tutor and find our rhythm, lost, unto those who no longer seek. It.



Oh! Sally! Forth!

Dumpster Dress Code: Black Tie Optional.

Actually, McLuhan said "They're not naked, they're wearing us.

Sorry a.mole, as much as I enjoy your posterings, my doctor won't allow me to climb trees. Twelve fiars sensible jakes in Canada.

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