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April 28, 2007


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Today we announce ASSClimate, a new feature of the formidable FeedBurner ASS server for blogs and RSS feeds. ASSClimate gives marketers and ASSvertisers the power to suppress their ASSs from being served into content they might deem questionable. By way of example, let's say you have an aversion to the word, "wingnut" .... ASSClimate to the rescue. In ASSdition to screening a multi-language default list of inappropriate language, ASSvertisers can submit their own list of keywords next to which they don't want their ASS to appear - wingnuts and all.

Still a little buggy...

An interesting lesson in how wealth bondage works in newsrooms all over the US. I have never carried ads on WB or any other site. One way or the other you end up ceding control to the revenue flow. You end up jiggering and re-jiggering to maximize the cash flow, and ultimately, that means playing along with Candidia. Cvility enforced = All the news that is fit to print. What made blogging special was that it was a citizen effort. When you accept ads and follow the money you are right back inside Wealth Bondage. (Note how hard dissident publications struggle to find advertisers.)

Pie-eyed idealism all the way! A move to legalize prostitution somewhere sparks itself into being - okay, but how about removing money from the equation instead? Then what do you have?
Instead of getting rid of drunk drivers - no more driving!
The real sacred cows are monstrous now, but uniformly invisible, due to taboo.

...back inside Wealth Bondage.

When did we ever leave, as you have said so often? So long as you are designing messages - whether the debased kind that ignore truth, or the nobler sort that purports to fight falsehood - you are playing to an audience that has its protocol, its values, its list of proscribed utterances. Advertising sells products. Rhetoric sells all.

Proscribed utterances and prescribed utterances pretty well determine the repetoire. Somewhere they will find a frame for us, a Dumpster, a reservation, a Rating Code, a corner or nook of the internet for late night maundering, a freedom zone under surveillance and protected by a password and a disclaimer from intruding in the larger lies.

ah, fuck it.


Please watch the language, JJ. This is not Canada.

incautious tutors may end up nannies:


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