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June 21, 2007


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That's not very nice, CC. After all our good leathery well-oiled mutual self-abuse over the years, too.

Anyway, me? Strong case? Case of beer, maybe.

My policy is not to lick boots for cash, but I will consider putting the boot in for the right price.

So, yeah: the amusing aspect to me of my TOTAL SELLOUT TO THE MAN is that I am now (only) serving ads provided by Google to people (90% of reach engine traffic, which makes up the vast majority of traffic to any post older than a couple of weeks (ie all of them)) who arrive via Google, in a nicely closed loop.

It is a Perpetual Motion Money Machine; I'm standing back with interest to see what happens when the feedback loop goes out of control.

And, hopefully, drinking the beer that Google buys me.

Wealth Bondage should hire you to punish/reward the many hits we get from Google on "CIA enema."

I've had a CIA enema, my friend. Cleaned me right out.

There are worse things that can happen to you. Like cowering under the searchlight glare of the Tutor's disapprobation. Especially on the bum parts. 'Cause that's where the painful rain of disapprobation falls the hardest.

Nougat's co-publisher sent out a list of the words that they no longer permit their authors to use...

Nougat Declares What Words Shall Not Be Used

Nougat sounds dirty to me. I know it is a candy, but it seems like double entendre or something.

Damn... now they will have to change the name of the magazine...

Defininately a double entrendre. It is in very bad taste.

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