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July 03, 2007


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Apocalypse? Now????

Light that sparkler and shut the fuck up.


Thanks for the links. Added Carolyn to the blogroll.

When one arrives at the website of The Department of Visiting Scholars one is put in a queue. As it is important to make the queue suitable (and engaging) to the queuer, parlor games are provided, to wit:

The Fake Interactive Widget

Once queuers have addressed this task they are prepared to interface with The Department (a sub-division of Citizen Inc):

I direct people to the numbers they should have called to reach the office they wish to contact. Call back tomorrow on 202 456-2111 and the Comment Department will take your comment.

Thanks, blogged the link. Consumer service striving for excellence. Call was probably taken in India.

You guys need to meet.

Yes, past despair to humor/

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