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July 04, 2007


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You don't have to be so mean about it, Investress. Some of us like our pathetic little flags.

Keep your eyes peeled. You may find one of those enameled lapel pins on the sidewalk.

ehhh, what does she know ? Stick up a few corporate decals and a poem by Yeats, and she thinks she can bleat out loud in the Dumpster, too ?

These anti-Us, anti-corporate carolyn-come-lately's ... it's like complaining about what's been going on for quite a while now is getting fashionable. Ho-hum, fads come, then they go.

If we get enough complainers we can be a movement, another identity group with a grudge - Dumpster Dwellers unite, you have nothing to lose but your rancor.

.. from sea to shing sea ?

There's an AWE-FUL lot of participants in the mass hallucination called North America that will have to come to terms with a real identity crisis if they see through the hallucination for long enough to start complaining as if they really mean it.

An identity group with a grudge sounds like it could scale up to a few thousand people, though ...

Overwhelming majority in US see two Americas

The two Americas have been there for quite a long time .. it's just that the focussing mechanism on the lens is Japanese and it took really a long time to figure out how to use it correctly. Without the lens it LOOKED like the same place to everyone .. but it wasn't.

That's pretty much what I was thinking. All these people are just now figuring that out? I remember, back in the late 80s, early 90s when I worked for a more benign version of Candidia, that there was a tremendous disperity. I tried to talk to the bossman a couple of times, but he didn't want to hear about on-site daycare, etc., as a way to keep workers at their jobs. His response to me was, "What about gay couples who don't have children?" I said that, like with any benefit, they wouldn't have to pay for it. Even then a small amount was taken out each month for health insurance, so why not something similar for on-site daycare? Less absenteeism. Happier workers. And the women who predominantly worked these hourly wage positions wouldn't have to make choices like daycare versus staying at home. Honestly, daycare can eat up a good part of one paycheck.

I suppose the squeezing of the middle class is making this even more obvious than before. More and more outsourcing. More and more expectations of sacrifice. Probably doesn't sit too well with today's youth who expect more and more instant gratification.

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