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September 13, 2007


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Excellent. Stiglitz nails him to the wall. But when you've got an adventurous new book to promote, it's all good. Welcome to Greenspandage.

Great book tour he is doing.

Mr Bubble kicking off his "rescue my legacy" tour

And link within that post:

Greenspan attempts to shore up legacy at Fed, but some blame him for credit crisis

The state of economics as a legitimate domain of study is seriously called into question by all of this. So many voices with vested interests that objectivity is trampled under strategic think-tank investments.

I'm still working my way through Lester Thurow's "The Future Favors the Bold", and he at least is sensible about the limits and hazards of capitalism even as he is blind to other possibilities. He really is bugging me on the topic of intellectual property, though. He talks a lot about it with no real background or justification of his positions, and in particular ignorance of peer production and the commons.

Econ started as political philosophy, and in becoming a dismal science never quite lost its ambition to define humanity.

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