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September 05, 2007


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Not much of a consolation for the goats.

I feel that way myself sometimes.

Wonder what (or who) the American debt / credit rating agencies will sacrifice in order to appease Mammon ?

Barney, out behind the WH maybe ?

Ask Catherine Austin Fitts, she says, "Depopulation...." Her view is that the smart money went offshore and is happy to see a general collapse. As Andrew Mellon said, "In a depression assets revert to their proper owners."

My dad told me many years ago, at the advent of Reaganomics, starve-the-beast initiatives for reducing the size of government, and massive deficit financing, that St. Ronnie wanted to "kill the poor", presumably without tasers, rifles, Freedom pens, or any need to fund healthcare.

Seems similar to slow-burn depopulation to me.

Slow burn is another phrase from Catherine. Yes, the welfare queens don't vote repub.

What I want to know is, who gets to eat the goatmeat? Don't they know there are starving children in India? What I want to know is, did the sacrifice alleviate the technical problems?

You can buy the goat meat in first class on skewers. The technical problems were resolved, but the plane did crash.

First class on a crashing plane. Doesn't sound like a good deal to me. What a sorry waste of goatmeat.

In Brazil they call a barbecue a "Churrascaro." A restaurant that serves barbecued food is called a "Churrascaria." They have waiters called "passadors" who wander around with big skewers that look like swords loaded with meat, from which they cut copious slices for the patrons. This derives from gaucho tradition.

In Manhattan there's a block or two near Times Square called "Little Brazil." Not because it's a neighborhood where Brazilians live, but because there's some Brazilian restaurants there. It's not entirely Brazilian restaurants, they share the space with Asian, Mexican, Italian, places, etc., and with the M&M Store (a multi-story edifice that sells M&Ms), and with various theaters in states of glory or of disrepair.

There's an upscale restaurant on 48th Street called Churrascaria where the passadors bring you great hunks of meat on swords - all you can eat. You can stay all night if you want to. You pay a flat price and only the drinks are extra. If you want to take a break, you just turn your drink coaster upside down so the red side is showing instead of the green. It's like a traffic signal or landing lights for your mouth. Pilot to bombardier, etc. and so forth.

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