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October 19, 2007


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I feel freer already.

Surrreeee..... I remember philosophy... that was what I did to make the unbearable loss I suffred back in the mid 90's when I lost everything and had to move into a shed in the woods (quite literally). But alas, after being bitten by the first 20 or so spiders, after the 2nd or 3rd case of poison ivy, after having to beg for gas money from a horrible alcoholic neighbor so I could drive and fill my water bottles, finally the Pholosophy lost all it's meaning. Philosophy is a waste of time when winters setting in and there's no device in the shed for heat. Action will always speak louder than any words.

John, philosophy and its consolations may be the last thing left, as you wait for the black spider bite to kill you out there in the shed.

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