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February 10, 2008


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Yeah, well .. the issues you set out, that delicious dynamic tension between the fundamental issues and what everyone will talk about or engage with, have been around since quite a while, no ?

Even so, JJ, it is interesting what we don't talk about. All of us are well aware of the telecom immunity issue, and the cowardice in Congress on this issue, but maybe we are so dumbstruck by the rest of what has already gone on and that there is an inevitability with the current group of wimps. That's exactly why an Obama victory is critical whether he turns out to be everything we hope or not, there will be many new faces in Congress riding on his coattails. None of it is new, I just keep hoping it will be different next time.

Curing cancer has been an issue for quite some time too. The diagnosis has not changed, the prognosis is about the same. We just keep varying the dosages, and providing the hospice care.

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